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At present, a large part of the female population is being affected by the disease or polycystic ovarian syndrome . This means that in your ovaries there are numerous cysts, which are usually harmless and of varying sizes.

These are small sacs filled with fluid that are located inside or on the surface of the

Although they do not represent a serious health problem, it is important to detect them in a timely manner to prevent them from continuing to grow.

For this , a series of physical symptoms must be taken into account which, although they may indicate other conditions, could also be key in their detection.

1. Changes in urination

9 warning signs about ovarian cysts that women ignore most

Changes in urination habits are a signal that can detect several health problems.

If you suddenly feel more desire to urinate, and you can not even control it , keep it in mind because it may be due to ovarian

These symptoms, as well as burning after urination, indicate that the pelvic floor muscles are weakened or infected.

If it persists for more than two days, it is best to consult the doctor to receive an opportune diagnosis.

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2. Abnormal bleeding

One of the most obvious symptoms of hormonal disorders are bleeding that occurs on dates far from menstruation.

Although it is common for some to experience it again and again, suffering from it frequently must be a reason to visit the gynecologist .

3. Pain during intercourse

9 warning signs about ovarian cysts that women ignore most

Vaginal infections and inflammation are usually the reason why some pain occurs during sexual intercourse.

But if this happens to be so frequent that it even affects , you should visit the specialist to study other possibilities.

4. Vomiting and nausea

Vomiting and nausea are not an exclusive symptom of women who become pregnant. Due to the hormonal imbalance that is produced by cysts, some also suffer from them continuously.

5. Abdominal inflammation

This is one of the most ignored symptoms because it is usually triggered by different factors.

The and can sometimes be accompanied by pain.

Having it recurrently and not finding relief in a matter of days is a sign that something is not quite right.

6. Pain in the lower back

9 warning signs about ovarian cysts that women ignore most

A feeling of tension or pain in the lower back does not always indicate a muscle problem. Sometimes its cause requires a little more analysis, because it may be a kidney infection or a disorder of the reproductive system.

7. Sudden weight loss or gain

Losing weight suddenly can seem like a blessing to those who are overweight or if you are not making the necessary efforts to achieve it, it is best to be careful because something may be wrong.

Something similar happens when there is a significant increase in kilos, even if a balanced diet and other healthy habits are followed.

Feeling loss of appetite or too much anxiety about eating are signs that should be taken into account as symptoms of possible diseases.

8. Constant fatigue

9 warning signs about ovarian cysts that women ignore most

Stress, routine and poor diet are the factors that most affect the constant episodes of fatigue. However, in the face of hormonal imbalances, it also tends to occur continuously and chronically .

Feeling without energy, tired and with problems of concentration are enough signs to consider this problem.

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9. Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is a very important sign . If it occurs outside the menstrual period should be a reason to consult.

All the symptoms mentioned here can occur differently depending on the case. Sometimes they are also accompanied by changes in bowel habits and sudden mood swings.

To avoid any type of complication, it is best to follow up and request medical examinations if necessary.

On the other hand, you can take into account a series of natural remedies that bring benefits to your treatment. Of course, before ingesting any consultation your respective dose and contraindications.

Some of them are:

  • Licorice
  • The Chasteberry
  • The dandelion
  • Black cohosh

9 warning signs about ovarian cysts that women ignore most

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