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A balanced personality is not perfect, it has flaws

We all aspire to have a balanced personality . That makes us feel good with ourselves and also with others.

The problem is that we believe that this has to do with being perfect, and this error prevents us from achieving that balance that we long for.

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It is not human to believe that there is someone perfect, because all of us are full of imperfections. Therefore, the first step to have a balanced personality is to accept this fact.

Imperfection is natural, it is human.

Portions that enrich our personality

We believe that many of our traits are negative when, in reality, they have many more benefits than we think. Today we will review some of the most common, those portions of ourselves that we reject, but that enrich us.

The fear

Fear is something natural , it can save us on countless occasions from danger. Every balanced personality knows that fear is something positive for her, until it becomes habitual.

A balanced personality is not perfect, it has flaws

If we live with a constant fear of everything, if we do not know how to face our fears, then maybe this is not enriching for us.

The histrionics

Histrionics is the exaggeration of something to get attention . Maybe you think it’s a bad thing, but how good this is for teachers trying to keep their students from getting bored in class.

As long as it is used in this type of case, the histrionics is something positive. The problem is when we do it to supply some kind of lack that we have.

The indifference

Maybe, being indifferent is not a very attractive trait, although imagine if we were not indifferent to everything that happens. Then, maybe, we would end up falling sick.

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Indifference is necessary for balanced personalities . Only with this can they stay healthy and protect themselves, in some way, from everything that, if they were worried, would make them sick.

The obsessions

The obsessions are, in general, negative, but this is because we obsess about things or people that hurt us . It is important to leave some obsessions aside, that limit us, that make us suffer.

On the other hand, it is important that we focus on positive ones. In our work obsessing about a subject can make us focus on the details and that the result is more fruitful.

The narcissism

Exaggerated narcissism can be negative, but in the exact dose it can be a great trait for a balanced personality.

A balanced personality is not perfect, it has flaws

Think that we all need a dose of self-confidence in ourselves that urges us to follow our dreams, to achieve what we want and to move forward. If we do not believe in ourselves, how can we do this?

In the balance is the key

If you still think that these traits can be negative, we have to tell you that the key to a balanced personality lies in the very balance of these attributes .

However, getting it can be difficult for many people.

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Let’s say, for example, that we find the trait of obsession. This allows us to focus on a single issue and squeeze it to the fullest to get all its juice. It can be very positive, but we also need to add an open mind.

When we become obsessed we do not see beyond ourselves and we begin to reject any other point of view that alters our vision. It is important that we try to find balance without falling into the extreme.

The same goes for the rest of the traits. For example, a narcissistic person can be truly intolerable, but we all have something of that trait within ourselves.

A balanced personality is not perfect, it has flaws

Without this, we would never achieve everything we can propose. The goals would remain in mere dreams, the roads halfway traveled … The narcissism in good in its proper measure.

Do you think you have a balanced personality? Do you get carried away by some traits you have? Balance is difficult to achieve, but necessary .

Now that you know the most negative traits, but also the most positive, will you strive to balance them?

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Never let yourself be carried away by these traits that can transform you into a self-centered, indifferent and fearful person. In your hands is getting that balanced personality so longed for, full of flaws, but that will make us perfect.

A balanced personality is not perfect, it has flaws