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A diet for each personality: What is yours?

This data may surprise more than one: the type of diet that we must maintain also depends on our personality or the current state of mind.

Let’s take an example: you are a person with a high level of anxiety. You have little time to cook, you always go in a hurry and usually eat the first thing you have on hand: chips, hamburgers, crackers …

If you follow this type of diet for a long time, it will increase the discomfort and the level of anxiety itself.

This type of behavioral profile would need a type of diet that regulates the level of cortisol in blood, where there is no lack of nutrients, but where, in addition, a relaxing effect is achieved.

Given this simple example, it is not complicated to understand how our lifestyle, our character and customs often determine our own health .

Also, something that we must consider is that, sometimes, we pass periods of discouragement, moments of nervousness and days when we feel less energetic than usual.

Although we may be curious, there are different types of foods that will help us feel much better in those days of decay.

This way we can get the most out of our personality, leaving aside the gray clouds.

We explain how to do it.

Tendency to apathy or occasional discouragement

There are personalities more tending to the discouragement, to lose quickly the motivation if the circumstances do not accompany.

However, as we have pointed out before, it is also common to go through these types of times, those where it seems that nothing works well for us, where things go wrong and our spirits decline.

If you are going through a similar time, take note of these tips.

Your body needs …

  • You need your breakfast to contain sweet, but healthy foods . Do not hesitate to include dark chocolate, slices with peanut butter, quince, toast with butter and bitter orange …
  • Your brain will appreciate that contribution of sugar with which to synthesize serotonin to improve your mood.
  • You need energetic fruits: bananas, figs, apples, mangoes …
  • Legumes such as chickpeas or lentils will also give you a good dose of energy .
  • Include in your salads pumpkin seeds: they are rich in phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, ideal for gathering strength and motivation.
  • Roman cabbage or spinach are also rich sources of magnesium, ideal for the brain.

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You have a personality with a tendency to nervousness or anxiety

A diet for each personality: What is yours?  Your body needs …

You need to make 5 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner) but, yes, it is necessary that the quantities you consume are small.

  • For breakfast, dispense with coffee and opt for a fruit smoothie (ideal if they are berries).
  • Include oatmeal in your breakfast.
  • At lunch time (two hours after breakfast) you can have that cup of coffee. If you combine it with a toast with oil you will feel satiated until the time of the meal.
  • Calcium-rich foods will help you synthesize tryptophan : consume kefir, tofu, green leafy vegetables such as broccoli or turnips.

You have a tendency to scatter, you have a hard time concentrating and you are somewhat forgetful

A diet for each personality: What is yours?  Your body needs …

  • Include coffee or green tea in your breakfast.
  • Fruits such as blueberries, apples, blackberries or strawberries will be of great help.
  • Eat nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios , almonds and cashews.
  • Spinach, beets, broccoli, celery, as well as radishes, can not be missing from your diet.
  • Fish such as salmon, tuna, trout or sardines are very good to help us focus attention thanks to its great contribution in Omega-3 fatty acids .
  • Avocados are sensational to get a more agile brain.
  • The pasta will also be very suitable for you. The reason for this is that complex carbohydrates provide glucose to the brain, necessary to facilitate cognitive functioning.

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The feeding in the extroverted personality

According to a study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , published in the research magazine Appetite , extroverts tend to consume more sweets, meat and caloric foods.

This could be explained because they are more inclined to attend social events and, at moments, they are a little more impulsive.

They even allow themselves to be carried more by those emotional needs where they can satisfy their pains or restlessness with unhealthy foods such as junk food .

pero, puesto que existe cierta relación, nunca está de más conocer estos consejos para mejorar nuestra dieta. It is clear that these data can not be applied to 100% of extroverted people but, since there is a certain relationship, it never hurts to know these tips to improve our diet.

A diet for each personality: What is yours?

Your body needs …

  • Foods rich in fiber and whole grains.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C (they are ideal for channeling stress, impulsivity …)
  • Take a natural yogurt a day: it will help you to regenerate the intestinal flora and favor the production of serotonin, the hormone that the brain produces and which is intimately related to relaxation and calmness.
  • Oatmeal and dark chocolate will make you feel great.
  • Oysters, in addition to being aphrodisiac, provide us with zinc. Thanks to this mineral, we reduce stress, impulsivity and fatigue.

Finally, before going to sleep you will be very beneficial to take an infusion of chamomile. You will rest much better.

A diet for each personality: What is yours?