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Accept instead of wait, you will have fewer disappointments

How many disappointments have you suffered? You have waited for what you considered logical to receive from friends, family and acquaintances.

However, nothing has been so and as you supposed. You have had illusions and that has ended in a great disappointment.

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We do not know why, but always our first relationships run with this error. We assume certain actions by others that, in the end, do not usually occur.

One disappointment after another that makes us feel insecure about others.

The animals do not wait, they accept

Accept instead of wait, you will have fewer disappointments

We consider ourselves superior, but many times we should turn our eyes towards those beings that surround us, many of which have become our pets.

Animals never know about disappointments , not only because they live in the present and do not think about the past or the future, but because they learn to accept everything that happens, whether good or bad.

Think, for example, of a rabbit. This priceless mammal will never trust the good weather it will do tomorrow to be able to go out in search of food.

You will not even have in mind the hope of receiving your favorite snack from your human friend.

Will the rabbit be sad if it rains tomorrow or its owner does not offer that sweet so nice to the palate? Not at all. He is happy being what he is. A rabbit

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However, our happiness does vary in relation to what we want to obtain from others .

  • If that “good morning” message from your partner does not arrive, your day will not be positive.
  • If your boss gets a little “bossy”, you will be out of work for most of your workday.
Accept instead of wait, you will have fewer disappointments

Many people are even affected by the weather itself. A rainy day can be disastrous for your performance and your motivation. Even scuttle previously organized plans.

The disappointments are the result of illusions

Our social relationships are full of assumptions and illusions about what others should give or provide. Many of these things are learned, here we will see some examples:

  • My partner must be affectionate with me , only that way I will know that he loves me and that he wants me. But what happens if that person is distant and does not meet the “perfect match” pattern?
  • My friend has connected, he has seen my message and he has not answered me. You get angry because you expect an answer at the moment, without taking into account that, perhaps, your friend can find something indisposed.
  • The bad weather has prevented me from going for a run, since on television they said it would be sunny, but in reality it rains. You feel very frustrated and sad. The weather has ruined your plans.

If you realize, you’re being a bit selfish. You want things to happen as you think them . When this is not the case, negative emotions overwhelm you. They have taken the opposite!

You can not control time, but why does rain prevent you from doing what you thought? Many people run under it. Put on a raincoat and go.

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Accept instead of wait, you will have fewer disappointments

If your friend has not answered you, have you not thought that he is talking to someone more important, such as his father? Maybe, I’m holding a conversation that can not wait because of its severity.

Also, you may not want to talk at that time or that what you have to say may wait for later. I’m sure that more than once you did not want to respond to someone when you had the chance, right?

In the world of the couple, we create fantasies about how it has to be, without taking into account that we are different and that each relationship is different from another.

Flee from the pain caused by disappointments

Escape all the damage that disappointments cause , stop waiting for others to act as you recreate it in your mind. People are unpredictable, unique and continually surprise us.

Many of them will hurt you, that’s why it’s better not to wait for things that will never come. In this way, when you realize that your friend has lied to you or that your partner has cheated on you, it will not hurt as much as if you had thought that everything would be ideal and perfect.

Nothing will happen as you think. So let’s start to be more like the animals. To enjoy being, simply, human beings.

But, above all, to accept that we are not perfect and that we make mistakes .

Accept instead of wait, you will have fewer disappointments

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Do not let a bitter face or a rainy day ruin everything you felt this morning when you woke up.

Just enjoy. Both the good and the bad . From this last, at least, we can learn something.

Accept instead of wait, you will have fewer disappointments