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An aspirin before sleep reduces cardiovascular risk

Aspirin is a medicine that has been with us for more than a hundred years and it is essential to have it at home, since it is very effective in combating nausea, severe headaches, and other diseases that are always eliminated with the effervescence of this pill.

This magnificent medicine is very important for everyone, but not only serves for the daily annoyances of a person, but according to a recent study, aspirin works as a method to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Before going to bed every night, it is good to take an aspirin to avoid all kinds of diseases related to this disease.

What has been discovered about Aspirin?

The only thing that was known about aspirin is that it only relieved headache, fever, upset stomach, and was also considered a possible cure for some existing cancers. But lately it was discovered that daily consuming an aspirin every night before sleep, helps to avoid those dangerous cardiovascular accidents to which we are always prone by the excessive consumption of

Tobias Bonten, Ph.D. student at the Medical Center of the University of Leiden, explained the following: Increased activity of platelets contributes to an increased risk of acute cardiac events, so this simple intervention could be beneficial for millions of patients”

The usual thing in the body in the morning is that platelets present more activity, so it is recommended to consume more moderate doses of ” Aspirin ” in people who tend to suffer from certain delicate episodes with respect to , and that this medicine thins the blood a lot, so it makes it much more fluid and prevents clots from being made along its passage through the arteries.

Which have been the results?

The results of this exhaustive investigation arose from the search of 290 patients who were given 100 mg. of Aspirin when getting up every morning or when going to bed at night for three months. Never before had alternatives been sought against this type of diseases that affect the

An aspirin before sleep reduces cardiovascular risk

Aspirin has been a very important finding for people, now the easiest alternative to not have diseases that can damage our heart are just around the corner (literally) , you should only buy a simple aspirin to prevent them from showing up type of cardiovascular complications that can threaten our lives and possibly leave us without the option to help save us.

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An aspirin before sleep reduces cardiovascular risk