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And you … Do you know your level of vitality? Discover its benefits!

Our level of vitality determines our energy to live , our optimism, ability to achieve and, above all, our well-being.

Reaching this exceptional balance responds to a subtle but perfect combination of several dimensions, such as our social dynamics, our emotional management, adequate coping strategies and, of course, our eating habits.

It should be said that few human dimensions are as valuable as that of feeling “vital” , as perceiving us as effective to do almost anything with strength and illusion, assuming all those challenges that appear in each of our days, in each of those days where we are required to give the best of ourselves.

It is not easy, we know it. Sometimes, our level of vitality is somewhat rusty.

Today’s society, so demanding and loaded with stimuli, sometimes adds us to states of exhaustion , anxiety and stress where that essential energy simply weakens.

Today in our space we want to propose something important, something we must promote from today: invest in that energy that lives in you to perceive you and feel more vital.

Achieving it can be easier than you think. We explain how.

Invest in vitality is to gain in quality of life

We have all lived through those times: we get up tired , we face our journey with great difficulty and, when we get home, we have little energy left to abandon us on the couch.

Physical tiredness is added apathy and that mind where pessimism , exhaustion, difficulties to concentrate and lack of motivation.

We know that our level of vitality is related to optimism, energy and quality of life, but sometimes something fails. Sometimes the body does not respond and the mind does not accompany.

And you ... Do you know your level of vitality? Discover its benefits!

Why are there times when our vitality is reduced?

  • An incorrect diet, in which we neglect certain nutrients or in which we choose unhealthy products, directly impacts our energy , performance and vitality.
  • Stress and anxiety are undoubtedly two of the most draining factors for human beings . The impact of cortisol on blood affects our health, our exhaustion and loss of mental agility.
  • We must also consider the danger of abusing sugary foods and beverages.

Beyond what we can believe, the level of energy they provide us is very limited and, in the long term, they have a negative impact on our health.

  • Sleeping less than the hours we need also affects our vitality.
  • The lack of exercise is a determining factor.
  • Personal problems and the lack of psychological strategies to face many of our daily challenges are other factors that influence this deficit.

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How can we improve our level of vitality?

The First

The objective was to explain the relationship between vitality and dimensions as basic as our personal and social attitudes , as well as health habits and nutrition.

The analysis work was carried out by Zespri® and counted with diverse experts in the field of psychology, interpersonal communication and nutrition .

In this way, we were able to identify five factors that make up what we could all understand as vitality:

  • The positive attitude
  • The capacity for adaptation and resilience
  • Motivation and curiosity
  • Sociability and empathy
  • Healthy life habits
And you ... Do you know your level of vitality? Discover its benefits!

On the other hand, something interesting that the study revealed is that only 1 in 2 Spaniards has a high average vitality index (7.4).

However, there are variations depending on the age or time of day and, more importantly, we all have the ability to improve this rate of life satisfaction.

It is also important to bear in mind that, as the report reveals, only 37% of Spaniards feel rested when they wake up in the morning .

The moment of the day in which we have more vitality is in the morning and it is decreasing as night approaches.

Men and those over 65, meanwhile, say they rest better than women and younger ones.

And you ... Do you know your level of vitality? Discover its benefits!

It should also be noted that, for most Spaniards, the foods that give them the most vitality are the natural ones and those rich in vitamins.

Among them are those that are richest in vitamin C, such as kiwi .

Thus, and according to the experts responsible for the study, we can all improve our level of vitality if we put the following tips into practice:

  • In any situation, look for the what, what and act.
  • Put your attention on what makes you feel good.
  • Accept adversity and focus on what you control.
  • It seeks to realize you in what motivates you, beyond your obligations.
  • Set priorities to make better use of your free time.
  • Do not isolate yourself and look for groups with whom to share common hobbies.
  • Train your social skills and your empathy.
  • Respect your minimum hours of sleep.
  • Move and take foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Always have fruit and vegetables handy , because they are the basis of a healthy diet.

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Gain quality of life, measure your level of vitality with Zespri®

And you ... Do you know your level of vitality? Discover its benefits!

Vitality is a state of energy that helps us relate positively to ourselves and our environment. That’s when we feel motivated, mentalized and oriented to achieve our goals and build a fuller life.

This is the goal of Zespri®, and for this reason, he has created his app on vitality . In it we will discover the following:

  • Fabulous recipes to feel more vital and energetic.
  • We will discover everything that the fruit can do for us, charging us with strength, nutrition, optimism and large doses of health and well-being.
  • We can also consult the study mentioned above on the vitality index of the Spanish population.

Also, from the Zespri® app they propose a challenge: Would you like to discover your level of vitality?

With this simple test you can know how you face life and your days, and what is better, you will know what changes you should start promoting.

. Do not hesitate to calculate where your level is today: it is a fabulous indicator that will allow you to reflect on many things about your current lifestyle .

We pointed it out at the beginning: investing in vitality is gaining quality of life, and

Discover your level of vitality today.

And you ... Do you know your level of vitality? Discover its benefits!