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Appropriate ways to lift a baby

The first time you carry your child you may feel that you are going to fall. You see him so fragile and delicate, that you fear to hurt him by lifting him. In this article, we tell you the proper ways to lift a baby without risk .

Even if you have been waiting for your baby with emotion for nine months, when you hold him in your arms, it is normal that you feel afraid to assume some responsibilities of your new role as a mother.

Sometimes, you may think that if you raise your child, you could hurt him because you see him as very small and fragile. However, it is not as weak as it seems, you just have to learn to hold it with confidence and confidence .

Various studies have shown that physical contact with babies helps them develop their senses more quickly . In addition, they feel the heart and breathing of their parents more clearly, which generates a sense of tranquility.

What are the proper ways to raise a baby?

1. Load it on the forearm

Appropriate ways to lift a baby
  • If the baby is on the bed, or another flat surface, slip one of your hands under your neck and head; and the other, on the back. Make sure that your little one’s head is well supported and does not go backwards .
  • Once you have lifted the baby, you can lay your head and neck on your forearm.
  • Some babies feel safe when they are gently rocked while lying on the forearm.

2. Load it using the knees

One of the best ways to lift a baby is using the knees instead of the back. Although it is easier to bend your back to carry your child, you must use the strength of your legs to do it , especially if you are still in the postpartum stage.

In this way, you will eliminate the pressure on your back . Place your feet and knees at shoulder height when loading the baby. If it is necessary to squat down to carry the baby, keep your back as straight as possible and pull out the rear.

3. Load it in front

Appropriate ways to lift a baby

One of the proper ways to lift a baby is to carry it head-on. In this way, your baby will develop an affective bond with you , plus he will feel safe having you around.

If you want to make your baby laugh and play with him safely, do the following:

  • Sit on a flat and safe surface. Your bed, a large piece of furniture or a mattress on the floor can be good options.
  • Bend your knees and support your back to keep it straight.
  • Place your little one on your legs.

As long as you have it in this position you must be attentive to its movements .

4. Load it over one shoulder

Another suitable way to carry a baby is over the shoulder. This position is ideal to get gas , after breastfeeding or feed.

  • Place your little envelope on your chest and shoulder.
  • With one hand support his back and with the other, his neck and head.
  • While you carry it this way, you must keep your back straight and tighten the muscles of your abdomen.
  • Keep the wrist straight and use the muscles of the elbow and shoulder to lift the baby.
  • Alternate the shoulders while you carry your little one, to avoid any type of injury due to overload.
  • Use your arm to hold your baby . Avoid using the forearm, since it is made up of small muscles.
  • Avoid directing the wrists and fingers towards the floor, while carrying the baby.

This position allows the baby to look over your shoulder and hear the beat of your heart . Beautiful, right?

What you should never do

Some parents tend to carry their children by the arms or elbows. This technique, no matter how much fun your little one, can cause permanent damage to your joints . Based on this, take into account the following:

  • Never hold the child by the hands or arms. Always do it for the waist or the armpits.
  • Do not swing the baby like a swing , while holding him by his arms or hands.
  • Even if your child finds it very fun, avoid taking it by the hand and turn it while suspended.

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Put into practice these proper ways to raise a baby that we have shared and enjoy your motherhood as you deserve.

Appropriate ways to lift a baby