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Are you getting the perfume right?

We love to perfume ourselves, whether before an appointment, when we go to work, to encourage a night of pleasure or to feel good about ourselves. If you like to perfume yourself in any situation and you have several bottles that you use according to the occasion, you will be interested in knowing how to get the most out of it.

Even if you consider yourself an expert in the ‘ eau de toilette ‘ or in the fragrances that are fashionable, you may not be applying the perfume very well. How is it done? We explain it to you

Perfume is part of our personality

Sure it has happened to you to relate a fragrance with a person of your past or present; or that when you smell someone wearing your same perfume feel a kind of ‘brotherhood’ difficult to explain.

This is because the cologne or perfumes are products that not only serve to ‘smell good’ but also to mark our personality . There are more fruit or more citrus, softer or stronger, more according to daytime activities or designed for the night …

Every season in the stores there are new presentations of perfumes, and of course there are those classics that everyone knows and recognizes a league away. Is that these aromas are part of our day to day and there are those who say that if they do not use cologne before leaving home, they feel as if they do not wear clothes.

Errors when using perfume

There are many myths and misconceptions about these substances that have been used for thousands of years. Misinformation and custom can be harmful to these aromatic delights.

For example, one of the most common mistakes is to store perfume bottles in the bathroom, either in plain view or on a piece of furniture. The heat and humidity of the environment can cause side effects in the product and worsen the aroma. Although it is convenient to have the jar on hand and throw it out after leaving the shower, it is not a good idea.

Are you getting the perfume right?

How sure do you put perfume on your wrists and rub them together? Other error! With this habit the only thing you achieve is that the oils and components of the fragrance break and last less on the skin.

Or perhaps you are one of those who perfumed with a ‘rain’ effect and stay below waiting for the fragrance to descend to their bodies. However, most of the product remains in the air. And with what the perfumes cost we can not use them to flavor the environment!

Another myth in relation to fragrances is that if the smell lasts it is because it is a good quality product. However, this is not true. The hours and hours of duration that the sellers assure you is nothing more than the use of too powerful oils.

And another question that we can not leave out: quantity is not synonymous with quality. That applies to the liters and liters of perfume that we spend when we throw ourselves too much. It is not necessary to stink everyone, so sitting at a short distance is enough.

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How to take the perfume?

The ads that appear on television make us believe that using a certain fragrance makes us more sensual, more feminine or masculine, stronger or more delicate … But they do not explain how to give us the perfume!

Follow the tips that we will give you below, to perfume as appropriate and that the fragrance lasts longer, regardless of its quality. In addition, the bottle will take longer to finish and you will not be labeled as a person who bathes in perfume:

1. Apply where the pulse beats

This means in those areas where the body temperature is higher and therefore, the fragrance will take longer to evaporate. The areas where to place the perfume are: behind the ears, on the wrists, behind the knees and on the clavicle.

2. Use after shower

You already know that you should not place the perfume bottles in the bathroom , therefore, after bathing you will have to go to your room and use the fragrance there. In this way, you will prevent the aroma from ‘mixing’ with the typical personal scents. With clean and dry skin, the colony will be more noticeable and last longer.

Are you getting the perfume right?

3. Choose the right one

One of the typical mistakes when using perfume is to believe that because it is a known brand or it is imported we can take it. How to determine if a fragrance is for you? For your particular tastes , first of all. Let yourself be carried away by what your nose dictates.

Second, according to the use you will give, since it is not the same to throw yourself a colony to go every day to the office to choose a perfume for a special occasion (a dinner, a date, an outing, a party, etc. ).

4. Keep away from the skin

It is not necessary to support the bottle against the body to place it. The best thing is that the bottle is about 15 centimeters away. One way to check if you are very close is to see how the skin is . If after spraying the area is wet, you should remove the perfume next time.

5. Let it dry

Do not rub your wrists and do not wear clothes that come in contact with the perfume. It is essential that you let about 10 minutes pass so that the area is well dried and the fragrance has been well impregnated.

Are you getting the perfume right?