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Aromatherapy, what does it consist of?

Aromatherapy is an branch that relies on the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants.

It is used to restore balance and harmony of body and mind, thus bringing benefit to our health and

Unlike other alternative therapies, aromatherapy, thanks to its healing power, helps to promote relaxation and at the same time, generates a feeling of tranquility in the patient.

Aromatherapy complements traditional medicine, in such a way that it accompanies it and makes its effects more effective and lasting. It reaches the emotional root of the problem, stimulating healing energies of the body.

Main characteristics and benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, what does it consist of?

Aromatherapy starts from the principle that the sense of smell is linked to our emotions directly , thanks to the connection it has with the brain. The aromas should not oppose each other, and the mixture should be pleasant and comforting at the time of therapy.

For this the oils are diluted in hot water, in this way the concentration of the aromatic substances is reduced. Thus the patient can relax in its entirety.

Although it is stated that natural oils have no side effects on the is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun after practicing therapy .

The benefits can be reflected in aspects   as:

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What is an essential oil?

Aromatherapy, what does it consist of?

An essential oil is considered a holistic healing method, which brings benefits both in the

An essential oil is the strongest part in aromatic concentration of a plant. It is obtained after

The oils must be one hundred percent pure and natural

The 7 essences most used in aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, what does it consist of?
  • Geranium: The essential oil of geranium will help us to reduce mainly the menstrual pains thanks to its analgesic properties. In turn, this flower helps fight anxiety, depression and anguish.
  • Jasmine: The scent of jasmine has been used for its sweet smell to minimize stress and sleep difficulties . It is also used to reduce anxiety levels and improve mood.

It is one of the most used aromas in therapy.

  • Almonds: The essential oil of almonds is one of the most used if what is sought is to reduce pain.

When the smell of this fruit is perceived by the nervous system, it begins to produce serotonin. Thanks to this we will begin to feel a sense of relief.

  • Lavender: The essence of lavender is very effective in reducing levels of anxiety, headache and muscle problems associated with stress.

In addition, this plant helps to soothe irritation on the skin and reduce scars. A couple of drops of this oil on the pillow will help you fall asleep.

The scent of roses will also help create a feeling of tranquility.

  • Cinnamon: The strong and permanent smell of cinnamon will help create a sense of energy that will be useful when performing tasks of daily life. In addition to this, it helps to calm negative emotions such as anger and stress.
  • Ginger: The essential oil of ginger has been used at the time of wanting to improve circulation and combat common symptoms of the cold.

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Last considerations

Do not forget to keep in mind that aromatherapy, like other energy therapies, should be used in a complementary way to any treatment prescribed by a specialist , but never replace it completely.

If you want to give your body a space of relaxation, aromatherapy is what you are looking for, since it is accompanied by good massages and soft music.

All alternative medicine lacks scientific studies to support it, or has

Your body needs mobility for its vital energy, so dare and give yourself an aromatherapy session.

Aromatherapy, what does it consist of?