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Avoid sagging easily

Flaccidity in the skin is a common sign in both men and women, usually occurs in many parts of the body such as the face, neck, eyelids, chin, arms, legs and buttocks, and is usually caused by aging , excessive weight loss and to lead a sedentary life.

The essential thing for the skin to stay firm and healthy is that you give the proper care and exercise to the body, so that it reaffirms the tissues and tones the muscles. However, this time we will talk about some simple tactics so that, with little money and without altering much your daily routine, you can take care of your skin and eliminate the marks of flaccidity.

Apple and melon

Avoid sagging easily

Mix ½ glass of apple juice with 1/2 glass of melon juice, pour in little in your hands and pass it through your arms, giving special massage in the parts that indicate flaccidity. You can apply it as many times as you want a week, except that you notice any allergy or negative reaction type.

aloe vera

can provide many benefits to your body, now, for flaccidity you can extract the gel that is in the inner part of the leaf and rub gently on your face. but remember that you must have previously washed it so that it is completely clean. Make circular movements with this gel to give you a feeling of firmness.

Olive oil

Avoid sagging easily

With you can make a mask that will help you give a better appearance to your face , take the yolks of two eggs and whisk them with ½ cup of olive oil, spread it all over your face and let the mixture act for 15 minutes . Remove with plenty of water.

Brush your body

Although it is not very common to brush your body, with a natural bristle brush before the shower you can exfoliate and help your to fulfill a better function, increasing collagen and elastin.

Take a shower with cold water

Avoid sagging easily

Although hot water is often relaxing and preferred by many, taking a bath with is highly beneficial for your skin as it tones, in addition to brightening hair and relaxing your muscles.

Eat the right foods

For a better result we recommend that you visit a nutritionist who tells you what is the ideal diet for you, but usually there are foods that have properties, and others that on the contrary make your skin look dry and worn.

The foods that are advised to consume are: eggs, lentils, citrus fruits, chicken, fish, cheese and yogurt , and of course a good daily amount of water. On the other hand the foods that should be avoided are: junk food, sweets, alcohol, soda and tobacco.

Practice swimming

Avoid sagging easily

As already said, cold water brings benefits to the body, speaking now of swimming, this sport can be a great ally to fight against flaccidity because it keeps your legs strong and firm.

do exercise

Before doing anything, if you do not exercise it is very difficult to get the firm and healthy skin you want , that is why it is essential that you establish an exercise routine if you want three times a week. Below we will show some practical and easy to do exercises:

  • Stand up and spread your legs, bend your knees slightly, bend your pelvis a little forward and with dumbbells or bottles full of water, leave your arms in such a position that your elbows are glued to your waist and flex your hands towards your shoulders. Repeat for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • In the same position as in the previous exercise, hold a rubber ball in your hand and press on your legs giving light blows to stimulate good blood circulation and toning of muscles.

It is also important that you follow some general recommendations, such as avoiding bad postures, for example, walking with your head hunched over the floor, avoid spending a lot of time in the sun and if for some reason it is inevitable try to use a sunscreen every day. Also be careful with the diets you make , many people are obsessed to lose weight, if you are one of those remember that if it is possible to achieve an ideal size, as long as the body is cared for and remains healthy.

I hope you have served these tips, do not worry that with a good diet, some homemade recipes and a brief, but constant exercise routine is easier to have a beautiful and firm skin.

Avoid sagging easily