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How to fight constipation in babies

To know how to fight constipation in babies, first you have to determine what is the pattern of normal bowel movements of each baby. It is considered normal for a baby to have a bowel movement after each meal until a day or more passes between each bowel movement. That's how broad it can be considered normal! It all depends on how the baby is fed, what he eats, what he drinks, how active he is, how quickly he digests his food and, of course, the inheritance left to him by his parents.

7 photographs that you should take your baby

The photographs keep beautiful moments . For example, the first months or years of your child, his birthday, his baptism or an ordinary day with you. In this article, we suggest seven photographs that you should take to your baby. Your first bath or the first time you saw it and made skin-to-skin contact are unique moments in both their lives . If you are waiting for your first baby and do not know what kind of photos you could take, here are the best recommendations. What are the

How to reduce the risk of sudden infant death

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also called "death in the cradle," is not a disease or disease. These terms are used when a child under one year of age dies suddenly , without being able to establish an exact cause. For parents it is a very worrying topic, as there are several factors that put the baby at risk. In addition, there is no symptom that can alert you and it happens, even when you have the best paternal care. At the present time its origins continue being an incognito for the

Why some babies only fall asleep if they are close to the mother

"Why does my baby just sleep next to me?" Asks a new mother, tearful and tired after several nights of bad sleep. The answer is simple: because it is natural, babies only fall asleep if they are close to the mother . After spending nine months embraced and supported inside our body, they fell asleep and woke up listening to the heart of their mother beating very close, we would have to wonder how can we believe that it will be different after birth? It is normal, or should be Babies

When should a baby start drinking water?

The title of this post has an obvious answer. Of course the baby needs to start drinking water from the day he is born . As indeed it does. Only that it does not drink water in its crystalline version, but the water that milk provides. The milk that is exclusively given to the baby breastfed or fed with milk formulas, during its first 6 months of life, provides the water it needs to stay hydrated. The water in breast milk The World Health Organization considers that the baby

What to do if your baby has chafing in the diaper area?

When the baby reaches his first birthday he tends to suffer from irritation or chafing in the diaper area . It should be noted that this has nothing to do with a lack of responsibility on the part of the mother or father. The so-called diaper rash is a very characteristic condition in 1-year-old babies. If you do not know what to do with the chafing in the area of ​​your baby's diaper, in this post we share some strategies that will help you to deal with this problem. But first, know the

How to resuscitate a baby

The techniques to reanimate a baby respond to situations in which nobody wants to be involved, much less with a child. But, undoubtedly, knowing how to apply these procedures can make the difference between life and death. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is a salvage procedure that is applied when breathing or heartbeats have stopped working. The procedure described here does not replace a CPR training. If you are a parent or take care of babies, it will never be otherwise to attend a training course on how to resuscitate a baby.

What is the importance of vaccines in infants?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccines are "a preparation designed to generate immunity against a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies." In other words, vaccines help the body to protect itself and prevent chronic diseases . Generally, they are applied as an injection, although they can also be administered orally or nasally. The origin of vaccines Vaccinations did not exist centuries ago. In 1797, the British physician Edward Jenner was the one who invented the first . At that time, the milkers were infected with the

My baby can only sleep in my arms

"My baby can only sleep in her arms", is the phrase that some mothers share with specialists for fear of doing something wrong with their little one. If you are going through this situation, you have nothing to worry about. Hugs and popular beliefs In some countries and cultures, it is very common for grandmothers, mothers or friends who have had children to tell you not to carry your child whenever he asks, every time he cries or even goes to sleep. It is thought that if you spend a lot

Benefits of music in the development of babies

Since antiquity the formative benefits of music in human beings have been recognized. Even today the scientific community continues to show great interest in the benefits of music , especially the influence of the classical genre on babies since they are in the mother's womb. From an emotional point of view, music is able to transmit feelings and vary the mood. It is also a source of energy, intellectual and moral balance for every living being. es recomendable utilizar la música como medio de enseñanza para los bebés, ya que el cerebro