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Bach flowers to overcome the traumas of the past

There are things that happen to us in life that we can not cope with because they are too strong emotionally, because they are sudden, because they are very painful, because they are unexpected changes, etc. These issues can affect us emotionally and physically, especially if we can not overcome them.

In this article we explain how the can help us in this way and in the natural way, since they can be taken at any age, without any risk of side effects or contraindications. And they are also economical and easy to take!

What kind of traumas can we deal with?

These are some examples of situations that we can solve with the help of Bach Flowers:

  • Deaths, losses and pending duels
  • Accidents
  • Separations
  • Diseases
  • Problematic childhoods
  • Emotional shocks

The flowers of Bach will allow unblocking the emotional problem in a gradual way, without sudden changes, so that gradually we will feel more calm and the traumatic memory will disappear.

What are Bach Flowers?

The Bach Flowers are 38 flower essences discovered by the English doctor Edward Bach in the first third of the 20th century. These essences provide us with the positive vibrational energy of the plants, so that they help us to progressively and naturally combat the emotional imbalances that we suffer.

They present the following advantages :

Bach flowers to overcome the traumas of the past

What flowers should we take?

As we have said there are 38 , but for the cases of ancient traumas we will take a mixture of the following essences:

The first five flowers are already prepared in a remedy known as Rescate, which as its name suggests, rescues us from difficult situations or emergencies. On the other hand, of the following three essences (Walnut, Sweet Chestnut and Honeysuckle) we can incorporate them or not to the preparation according to our case.

Bach flowers to overcome the traumas of the past

How do we take them?

Once we have the floral preparation with the essences adapted to our case, the treatment will consist in taking 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day . We can also mix them with a little water or juice, especially in the case of children.

We will take them for at least 3 months and we will observe possible changes.

If necessary, we can extend the treatment as long as necessary, without any risk to health. The essences will never generate dependency.

Taking into account that in total there are 38 essences, we recommend consulting with a specialist therapist so that you can treat us with our personalized flowers.

Where do we get them?

Nowadays Bach Flowers are already well known and are increasingly being sold in more places. We will find them easily in the following:

  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Herbalists and dietetics
  • Health stores

Images courtesy of Ricardo Torres, zsoltika

Bach flowers to overcome the traumas of the past