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Banana pancakes gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free

Finding recipes for healthy sweets and desserts is not an easy task . In addition, the difficulty increases when we want them to be suitable for certain intolerances, since most include flours, sugars and dairy products.

In this article we teach you to prepare simple and delicious banana pancakes, suitable for everyone and suitable for people who do not consume gluten, sugar or lactose.

Healthy sweets exist

Most times we eat sweets we do it with remorse, since we know they are not too healthy.

However, no balanced diet should dispense with some quirks from time to time, as the diet should not be a source of frustration, but of welfare in every way.

The solution consists of preparing recipes in which we can substitute the ingredients that we do not digest well or that are less healthy by others that are lighter, more nutritious and that are also delicious.

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Banana pancakes gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free

Most people love pancakes, a recipe that can be eaten sweet or salty and can be combined with many foods, so they are perfect for any time of day.

On this occasion we have opted for a sweet version that we can take as

You will ask yourself how is it possible to make   banana pancakes without gluten, flour, sugar or dairy.

Find out in this article, as well as more information about these usual components for which we are increasingly looking for more alternatives for health reasons.

The gluten

is increasing the number of people who have adverse reactions to consume it.

In the case of celiacs are severe allergic reactions, while in others are intolerances of different degrees that cause swelling, acidity, skin problems, etc.

Today there are alternatives to gluten made with rice, corn, soybeans, cassava, potatoes, etc., although most specific products are quite expensive.

The sugar

Banana pancakes gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free

Although in other times it was almost a gastronomic treasure, nowadays white

Sugar, considered by many as the white poison of our time, acidifies the organism, causes oral disorders, nervousness and hyperactivity, intestinal parasites, obesity, etc.

We can find healthy alternatives in brown cane sugar, stevia, honey, agave or maple syrup or cereal and fruit molasses.

The lactose

Another of the most frequent intolerances today is

As alternatives we have lactose-free dairy products or drinks, yogurts and other foods made with cereals and nuts such as oats , rice, almonds, coconut, etc.

Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free

Below we detail how to make these very simple banana pancakes with very few ingredients and without losing more than a few minutes.


To make two small or large pancakes we will need the following ingredients:

This recipe does not need any added sweetener , since the ripe banana will give it a lot of sweetness.

However, if we want them to be sweeter we can add a few drops of stevia extract or any of the options we have identified as healthy alternatives to white sugar.

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To develop this simple recipe we will follow the following steps:

  • We will beat the egg as if we were going to make an omelette.
  • Add the sweetener, vanilla or spices (optional).
  • We will add the ripe banana and crush it with the help of a fork, until the ingredients are well integrated.
  • We will place the pan on a very high heat, with a few drops of olive or coconut oil, and we will make the pancake on the grill, on both sides, until it is slightly toasted.
  • We can eat it alone or add a little chocolate (without milk).
  • To enjoy the texture and flavor to the fullest, we should consume them while they are hot.

Banana pancakes gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free