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Strawberry-based homemade creams

is an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants, which makes it a perfect alternative for cosmetics . Whether for your consumption or preparation of masks, tonics and exfoliates, exploiting the benefits of strawberries will help to considerably improve the appearance of your skin, making you look younger and healthier. If you want to learn how to use strawberries as your beauty allies, in Best with Health we bring you different recipes of creams, masks and even toners that you can apply on your face to maintain its shine and elasticity . Properties

5 floral masks for different skin problems

In our space you can find a lot of articles related to the improvement of the skin. This time we want to give you some suggestions of floral masks that will help you to treat different problems. It is common to see flowers only as an option to beautify our are also a great help in the cosmetic industry . In fact, many of the products you buy take advantage of their qualities so, why not take advantage of them directly? Check the following masks and choose your favorite.

Embellish your hair with mayonnaise masks

The use of mayonnaise as a mask is ideal for people with dry hair , which requires maximum hydration. Generally, the main reason why the hair is in poor condition are poor cleaning routines, lack of water and vitamins. In contrast, elements such as omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and some other nutrients found in mayonnaise make it a practical remedy for healthy hair. Why is mayonnaise ideal? Some of the main ingredients of mayonnaise are egg, vinegar and oil. The egg The

8 beauty tricks for pale skinned girls

para chicas de piel pálida? Are you looking for pale skinned girls? Do you always have problems with makeup? Here we will give you some secrets to look beautiful without complications. Although there are seasons in which to look tanned is fashion, you do not have to fight with your skin tone . On the contrary, with the right strategies you will be able to highlight your natural beauty . There really is not a correct, beautiful or perfect skin color. Each one is different, unique and beautiful.

5 homemade masks to reduce the size of dilated pores

In our skin we have distributed millions of pores that, in addition to protecting us against the aggressive agents of the environment, help us regulate body temperature. Although in some areas they are more noticeable than in others, their size varies depending on genetics, the activity of the sebaceous glands and hormonal changes. This is why, often, tend to dilate, especially in the "T zone" of the face , back and arms, increasing the appearance of Fortunately, to avoid these imperfections, we can prepare some homemade masks that, from natural ingredients, help

8 reasons why you have brittle nails

Nail care has become one of the essential habits , not only because they are a complement to our look, but because their appearance can make a first impression when we interact with other people. To meet the need to keep them healthy, the cosmetics industry has developed a wide variety of treatments and products that, applied in a habitual way, avoid its weakening. Despite this, many have difficulties to look beautiful and healthy , since they ignore that the practice of some habits has a negative influence on their condition.

How to detoxify the skin with 5 masks with clay

Masks with clay have become one of the natural therapies to remove the residues that tend to accumulate on the surface of the skin. Rich in aluminum silicates, trace elements and powerful antioxidants, it is a natural cosmetic that detoxifies the skin and toxins. Although we can find it in many commercial products, it is best to use it in its 100% natural state to make the most of its properties. This not only allows us to save money, but also, when combined with other ingredients, we also obtain effective treatments

Use these homemade formulas to have beautiful feet

Most people care about many aesthetic aspects, but, almost always, we forget that the feet also need special care. These are the support of our body and day to day are exposed to dirt, climate changes, dust and other environmental factors that directly affect the skin that protects them. The most worrisome is that maintaining its natural humidity is difficult and this leads to the development of annoying alterations such as calluses, fungi and cracking. In addition, the continuous friction with the different and their continuous contact with bacteria can generate

How to prepare 5 masks to protect your hair from the sun

Did you know that the sun is one of those responsible for the damage to your hair in the environment? Although we do not tend to pay attention to him, his rays negatively impact the roots and threads , causing them to dry out, fall and other aesthetic problems that make him look bad.   While we can counteract these effects with some shampoos and we must resort to additional treatments that allow deep repair of the aggressions.   The problem is that many of the commercial products are too expensive and, unfortunately, not

Why do some women have wrinkles at 20?

Wrinkles are not just a sign of aging. They are also related to genetics, nutrition, climate, cosmetics and general health . Many of these factors can cause premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles after 20 years. In this article we share the causes of wrinkles in youth and natural remedies that will help us to prevent and soften them . Wrinkles in youth Wrinkles are one of the signs of age. Over time, the skin loses hydration and elasticity progressively , which causes flaccidity and skin malnutrition