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Dry skin: 10 surprising factors that cause it

Dry skin is not just an aesthetic matter of our appearance. It is also a symptom of an imbalance in our body . It can have an easy solution or be a disorder that we should treat as soon as possible to prevent more serious health problems in the future. In this article we share 10 amazing factors that cause skin dryness. They will surprise you! Dry skin Dry skin denotes a lack of hydration and looks dull and flaky. It is a type of skin more

How to treat the appearance of premature graying using 5 natural remedies

Gray hair is the natural discoloration suffered by the hair due to the decrease in the production of melanin , almost always the product of age. It is one of the signs of aging feared by women, given that some consider that their presence affects the aesthetics of the Although they are harmless and are part of the natural changes during old age, some try to avoid their appearance to preserve their youthful appearance. This especially when they appear prematurely, due to exposure to stress, genetic factors and the use of some

9 tips to get rid of wrinkles and prevent their appearance

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin and prevent the appearance of such annoying wrinkles, take note of these nine practical and easy to follow tips. 1. Sleep with pillows under the bust It is a trick that will help you avoid the appearance of wrinkles in the . If you start doing it, you will notice how, in a few days, the state of your skin and your body in general will benefit. And that is how we optimize the rest and sleep better.

6 ways to use rose petals in your beauty routine

y del amor. For centuries, roses have been a symbol of and love. However, beyond that, you can use rose petals in your beauty routine and get great benefits. The first is its delicate fragrance, which evokes calm and sensuality . los pétalos de rosas, su agua y su aceite combaten la caspa, igualan el tono de la piel y balancean el pH de la piel. In addition, there is the fact that the petals of roses, their water and their oil fight dandruff, equal skin tone and balance the pH of the skin.

Shea butter: discover this miraculous butter

Shea butter is a type of vegetable oil that has become very popular around the world for its many applications in cosmetics. It is a 100% natural product that is obtained from the fruits of the shea tree , through a process that extracts all its fat. Since it has a texture similar to that of many one of the best alternatives for skin and hair care. The most interesting is that it concentrates a large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that, without causing adverse effects, prevents aging and protects against

6 ways to prevent varicose veins

This annoying affectation consists in a dilation of the veins caused by a bad blood flow. It can appear anywhere in the body, however, it is more usual to be present in the legs. When this dilation disappears, the vein returns to its natural form - if it does not do so - it can cause edemas and In addition to producing other symptoms such as tiredness, heaviness of legs and night cramps. Both men and women are exposed to suffer varicose veins, so it is worthwhile to take

Learn how to prepare a solid moisturizer to take you on a trip

Nowadays it is complicated to travel with liquid substances in the plane if we do not want to check the luggage. This becomes an impediment to carry our usual hygiene and cosmetic products, such as body lotion. For this reason, we propose a solid moisturizer that you can take with comfort and tranquility. Discover in this article how you can prepare this product at home in a simple way and with natural ingredients. Advantages of solid moisturizer Although it may surprise us to make and use a solid

5 natural remedies to lift the drooping eyelids

The skin of the eyelids is thinner than that of other areas of the face. Although it is normal that it tends to lose elasticity with age, it sometimes develops premature wrinkles due to the aggressions it suffers in the environment. The direct exposure to the sun, the toxins and the lack of care in the are a minimum part of the factors that can make them look fallen and aged. In addition, they can also present alterations due to genetic issues or excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

Choose your homemade shampoo according to your hair type

Shampoo has become an essential product for hair care. It is used to clean the dirt and eliminate the grease produced by the sebaceous glands. However, some of the substances found in them, such as damage hair long-term. That is why it is important to use shampoos with ingredients of natural and ecological origin. Types of scalp To choose the best type of shampoo, it is essential to know essential factors such as your hair type, the ingredients and composition of the shampoo. Greasy hair

6 tricks to improve the appearance of your stretch marks

If there is something unsightly, that is undoubtedly the stretch marks. And it is undoubted that the appearance of our . Fortunately, these brands can be fought to minimize their appearance. For all those who do not know what stretch marks are, it can be said that they are the result of the breaking of the elastic fibers of the skin . When the dermis is stretched, the fibers with less elasticity break and those marks known as stretch marks appear. They are frequent especially in women in