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Whitening our teeth with banana peel

Yellowish or darkened teeth are not only an aesthetic issue, but also the signal that we suffer some health disorder, so the whitening performed today in the consultations are not the definitive solution to this problem. In this article we explain why teeth darken and how to treat the cause naturally, especially surprisingly with the banana peel, so that the teeth are progressively cleansed and without harmful effects for our dental health. Why are the teeth darkened? Although there are whiter dentures than others, due to a genetic issue, it is also

Natural tricks to care for delicate skin

The delicate skins suffer to a great extent the climatic changes, the emotional tensions, they redden or they burn easily, they worsen their appearance in a few hours, etc. In this article we explain all the natural tricks you must know to make your skin more resistant and look healthier. Detoxify the organism The skin is an organ that the body has to get rid of toxins that accumulate for multiple reasons. If the skin is sensitive means that also our body and our internal organs need to be strengthened.

Myths and truths of laser hair removal

Have you ever considered performing laser hair removal? Sure, but in the end you have not dared to do it for certain myths that surround this type of hair removal. The problem of this lies in ignorance and in that there are other methods that we know and that do not generate any doubt. Maybe because our friends use them and because laser hair removal is not among their options. For this reason, and to shed some light on this method of hair removal unknown to some people, we will discover some

9 Exercises to reaffirm the bust

The bust can lose firmness for different reasons, from pregnancy to the moment of weight loss several kilos, poor posture or over the years. If you want them to look firm and well toned, do not miss the following exercises to reaffirm the bust that you can practice at home or in the gym. Recommendations before you start Before carrying out an exercise routine, either to reaffirm the bust or any other part of the body, it is necessary to perform warm-up movements for 5 or 10 minutes. This will prevent muscle

The beauty secrets of Hollywood

Movie stars always look radiant, sensual, beautiful ... It even seems as if they shine! One may ask: Why do they look so good? Surgeries? Photoshop? Expensive cosmetics? Do you have strenuous gym routines? Well, maybe there's something of that. But they also have homemade beauty tricks . In this note, we reveal some of your beauty tricks, but we warn you: some are extreme. Do you dare to try them? Julia Roberts : Julia's smile is a Hollywood icon, and the actress does know how

How to give relaxing massages

The vast majority of us are not experts or have a qualification as physiotherapists, but it does not mean that on some occasion we may want to give relaxing massages to someone, such as our partner. It's just about relaxing , we do not seek to alleviate any back problems. For that, there are the real professionals. Now, can we offer a massage to relieve tensions and relieve stress? Of course. With a few simple guidelines we can provide a moment of relaxation and peace to any loved one. Today

3 skin types that need more care in front of the sun

Enjoying the sun in summer is part of the season, and all skin types receive the sun's rays. There are some sensitive dermis that need more care, so today you will know the 3 most delicate skin types to the sun's rays. The type of skin is conditioned by genetics. In turn, skin types are determined by anatomy and physiology, which are responsible for differentiating the skin by color and flexibility. Among the functions of the skin is to provide protection against the external environment. Its objective is to minimize

8 tips to seal the dilated pores of your skin

For reasons of aesthetics and self-esteem, many people are looking for methods to seal the enlarged pores of their skin. Although in general it is a harmless problem, its presence can indicate imbalances in the sebaceous glands and hormonal alterations. They often originate in the so-called "T" area of ​​the face, which corresponds to the forehead, nose and chin. However, they are also noticeable in the cheeks and other areas of the skin. Its main consequence are acne pimples and blackheads . In addition, since they are accompanied by excessive production

7 simple, healthy and original tips to enjoy the banana

The banana is a delicious fruit with many health benefits . It is rich in sugars, vitamins, Discover in this article 7 simple, healthy and original tips to enjoy the banana in different ways, from a delicious smoothie to an excellent tooth whitening. 7 tips to take advantage of a banana Discover below different ways to consume, use and take advantage of the banana. 1. Nutritional shake The shakes are fashionable, since they provide us with a large amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber. We

What makeup to use according to hair color?

Depending on the tone of hair you have, a color or type of makeup will look better on your face. Know in the following article which are the best options considering your hair. What makeup to use according to hair color? Keep reading. Blond hair If you have blond hair like the sun (or a light tone), it could be said that there is no single rule to respect in how much make-up is concerned. Everything can change according to, for example, if you have blue, green or brown eyes.