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Become your ideal partner

Almost all people yearn to find their ideal partner . That individual similar to them, who complements them and with whom they will wish to build a future together.

Sadly, finding a partner sometimes becomes a real torment . Disillusions, toxic relationships, dependency problems …

There are many situations that can prevent us from achieving our purpose.

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However, this may happen because you are skipping one of the main steps. The one about loving you , loving you and respecting yourself first.

It sounds easy right? It is not so, then, when you ignore this important step, you remove the possibility of establishing a healthy relationship with another person.

Would you be your ideal partner?

Become your ideal partner

We tend to always look at the other and do not look at ourselves . Think for a moment why you do not stop attracting that same person who is hurting you.

Your partners have not respected you, you have been unfaithful, sometimes you suffered abuse … Different are the circumstances in which you may have been involved and that are repeated again and again.

Surely you think “have I done something wrong?”, “Will karma be punishing me?”

Nothing of that. The big problem lies in you.

If you do not respect yourself, nobody will do it for you. If you do not love yourself, you will not know how to give or receive love. It’s that easy, but even knowing this we stubbornly do the opposite.

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We venture to love, without really knowing how to do it. We ask for respect when we ourselves do not have it.

What logic does this have? You can not long for what you do not give yourself . Because you are the first thing, whom you must take care of before anyone else.

Become your ideal partner

Therefore, look at yourself for a moment and think … Would you be your ideal partner? Would you look for someone like you to start a relationship?

Be the person you want to attract

You have become obsessed a little with the thought that there may not be anyone for you. However, it is because you are not attracting it.

There is a very basic rule. You simply have to become the person you want to attract into your life . Did we start doing it?

  • If you want to have a responsible person by your side, start being responsible today.
  • Do you want your partner to be very affectionate? Start giving out hugs and sincere kisses.
  • If you want someone to love you unconditionally, you must do it first.
  • Are you looking for someone to be trusted? Look at you and find out if you trust yourself.
  • If you want a person who is not unfaithful, do not think about doing it.

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Become your ideal partner

As you can see, the steps that must be followed are very simple. If you do something, you are attracting it .

Therefore, by not loving you, you are favoring that people who will not want you as you require will approach you.

If you have not noticed yet, in this whole process there is a concept that is implicit in each and every one of the situations mentioned: your self-esteem .

The importance of good self-esteem

A good and strong self-esteem will allow you to watch over you, and then do it for others . Because you know that you are no less than anyone and that you have to attend first.

The stronger you are, the happier and more authentic you can be. In fact, you will not worry so much about finding an ideal partner, because you will realize that your best partner is yourself!

Perhaps this has eliminated that great slab that you had on top of and that many people drag along throughout their lives: emotional dependence.

Taking care not only physically, but your interior, your mind, your happiness, your well-being, will allow you to be happy with or without someone in the most healthy way for you.

Become your ideal partner

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So, before thinking about finding that ideal partner, focus on your self-esteem to attract all the good you want.

Stop looking for what you do not have in other people . These, probably, will hurt you. You will have attracted unsafe, toxic subjects who will not really love you, who may be like you.

Become your best partner so you do not need to look for any that fills in those gaps that you have not been able to complete.

Become your ideal partner