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Benefits and side effects of gastric bypass

The gastric bypass consists of reducing the size of the stomach and connecting it directly to the small intestine . In this way, the food passes to a part of the path of the small intestine, decreasing the caloric and nutrient absorption. As the stomach is smaller, the amount of food to be ingested will be smaller and satiety will occur faster.

This surgery is ideal for people with is a highly recommended surgery for people with obesity problems, since losing weight solves many problems of joints, spine, circulation, among others that are caused by excess weight.

All surgical interventions have side effects and risks, but in this case, do not carry out a   gastric bypass could   affect the patient’s health due to the diseases associated with excess weight. On the UC Obesity website, it is stated that the gastric bypass is: “The most frequent obesity surgery in Chile and in the world” .

Regarding the success of this surgery, Obesidad UC states that: “It has a high effectiveness translated into a weight loss of 60% to 70% in a year and a significant improvement in terms of associated diseases .

Benefits of undergoing a gastric bypass

Benefits and side effects of gastric bypass
  • It is especially recommended for people whose body mass index is higher than 4, a condition under which they can present serious health problems.
  • It is a very effective surgery to fight obesity and easy recovery.
  • Permanent loss up to 70% of body weight. The usual thing is that the weight loss occurs in a period of 6 to 12 months, although many people continue to lose weight until 24 months after surgery.
  • The post operative is quick and without complications. Patients are usually discharged after 3 days, and between 8 and 10 days recover their usual activity.
  • For its safety and effectiveness, in addition to good results, it has become one of the favorite options when it comes to investing in health.

Like any intervention, it has certain risks both in the short and long term, although it will always depend on each patient. Undergoing a gastric bypass operation is one of the best options for losing weight effectively and safely.

It is advisable to perform it in the hands of the best professionals and, of course, maintain a consistent eating behavior and .


Side effects

Side effects or adverse effects are those that occur when the patient does not comply with dietary standards and does not perform all the care recommended by treating physicians, such as:

1. Nutritional deficiency

Benefits and side effects of gastric bypass

A part of the intestine skips the essential nutrients ( . This leads to deficiencies of these nutrients, which can lead to other problems such as anemia and osteoporosis. Therefore, the intake of vitamins is essential to supply these deficiencies.

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2. Malnutrition

For the same inconvenience of not eating the necessary nutrients, the body becomes more prone to infections of all kinds . And it is that the immune system weakens and the defenses diminish.

3. Dumping syndrome

Benefits and side effects of gastric bypass

It is a feeling of abdominal discomfort that appears 20 minutes after eating the food . This discomfort translates into writhing and nausea, and it occurs due to the fat in the food that brings liquids to the intestine. Also, it manifests itself in irritation and an abrupt dilation of the intestine, leaving a great discomfort type colics and soft stools.

This discomfort occurs when the patient has taken . It is important to gradually change foods and choose the healthiest and most natural ones; the more natural, the less adverse effects will occur in digestion.

4. Intestinal obstruction

It can produce a sensation of intense abdominal pain with writhing and feeling of clogging . It can happen in the surgery accidentally when a bowel handle is inserted in not closed orifices, not being the moment to do it; however, the possibility of this happening is low.

Recommendations to follow after the intervention

Benefits and side effects of gastric bypass

Benefits and side effects of gastric bypass