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Benefits of celery for fluid retention

Celery is a vegetable with high benefits to relieve hypertension and , due to its prevents heart problems, treats the pain of inflamed joints and relieves menstrual cramps. However, it is one of the least caloric foods and, thanks to its 95% water content, it hydrates, it cares for the skin and the organism in general.

Other of its great benefits are related to the prevention of diseases in the kidneys, including decreasing the discomfort of kidney stones. It also fights anemia, weakness, asthma and rheumatism.

Now, talking about fluid retention, it is necessary for people to know how to handle this problem, as a result of an accumulation of fluids in the tissues of the body, thus preventing the elimination of toxins.

Here are some ways to include celery in your daily life, protecting your body from urinary tract infections – such as cystitis – and comtabiendo, especially, the retention of liquids

Celery seeds

Benefits of celery for fluid retention

Use them as spices for your food. Mix the seed with bread, soups and stews; It is vital that you do not consume the seed alone, since it is important that you mix it with something so that its absorption is easier.

Its effect is quite good, as it helps to increase the production of urine by eliminating excess water and toxins.

You can add a spoonful of crushed seeds to a cup of boiling water, after it is less hot you pass it through the colander and take it. The dose can not exceed 3 cups a day.

Onion and celery

Benefits of celery for fluid retention

Cook an onion and celery in salted water and drink the resulting broth. This will help you to purify the organism. It is recommended that it be done on an empty stomach and only a day or two a week .

Lemon celery, carrot and apple smoothie

In the blender squeeze some stalks of celery, mix carrots and apples and a little lemon juice. Take this shake after each meal, this will help you to expel more urine than normal.

Celery in the salad

In a bowl mix chopped onion, red pepper and parsley, this salad benefits your body by increasing intestinal juices and expelling leftover gases.

Omelet of celery and ham

With 2 egg whites, 2 celery sticks, onion to taste and a few slices of ham already chopped you can make this simple dish.

Sauté the chopped onion for a few minutes with the celery and ham, in another pan make an omelet with the egg whites and fill it with the previous mixture. Bon Appetite!

Celery juice with kiwi

Benefits of celery for fluid retention

For this you will need a cucumber cut into 4 pieces, 4 celery sticks, and 2 kiwis cut in a cross. Then pass them by the blender, and take a glass before each meal.

Like celery, the


To improve the functions of your urinary system, constant water consumption is essential, as well as a balanced diet and a good exercise routine. Let’s do it!

Benefits of celery for fluid retention