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Benefits of physical activity during the diet

When you decide to adapt your routine to a healthier lifestyle, you are more likely to get better long-term results if you combine physical activity during the diet .

Professional athletes and their coaches know this fact and also know that this beneficial relationship is not the fruit of a day. In truth, it is the result of a symbiosis between training work and the right nutrients for each situation .

Main benefits of any physical activity during the diet

As main benefits of the regular practice of physical activity and maintenance of a diet adapted to it, we can list:

Benefits of physical activity during the diet
  • Prevention of weight gain to adapt the aesthetics of our body to our tastes.
  • Reduction of the risks of overweight and obesity.
  • It helps to prevent very common chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases -such as heart attacks or hypertension-, colon cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis or constipation.
  • Improvements in muscle tone , strength, balance ability and flexibility.
  • Prevention of apathetic states , stress and depression.
  • Improvement of health status and mood at all levels.

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Functions that make up the total energy expenditure

By means of a suitable diet we not only cover the energetic cost due to the physical activity. Throughout the day, our body performs a variety of processes for which it needs energy, such as:

  • Basal metabolism: is the energy used to perform basic functions, such as breathing, circulating blood or maintaining body temperature . This group depends on the physical and anthropometric conditions of the individual, but also on external aspects, such as climate or altitude.
  • Thermogenic effect of food: this is the energy used in the digestion, absorption and metabolization of nutrients . It is the smallest component of caloric expenditure, which accounts for around 10% of the total.
  • Physical activity: this is the energy used to cover daily physical activities . This includes physical activity based on daily general actions, the physical exercise of sports activity and sport as such or regulated exercise. This is the most variable section since, depending on whether a person is sedentary or active, their spending in this area can increase more than double.
Benefits of physical activity during the diet
  • Growth: this expense occurs in children and adolescents, when we have an extra energy expenditure dedicated to the growth and development of new tissues . In addition, there is also an expense due to physical, sexual and mental maturation, so it must be taken into account if the athlete is in this age range.
  • Diseases: due to the stress suffered by a chronic or acute illness of seriousness, or by surgical interventions, degenerative processes, or the presence of fever, the number of calories that the person needs to maintain an adequate nutritional status can be greatly increased .

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The benefits of a correct diet for physical activity

When physical activity during the diet is not high performance, we must take a healthy diet. In addition, it will help our body recover faster after the activity . Some of the beneficial effects that a correct diet has on physical activity will be:

  • We can train longer and with greater intensity . This, in addition to its beneficial effects on the body, will allow us to achieve a greater sense of personal improvement.
  • Delays the onset of fatigue .
  • It allows a faster recovery of the organism.
  • It helps the body adapt better and faster to the type of exercise performed.
  • Improves body composition and strength .
Benefits of physical activity during the diet
  • Improves concentration during physical activity. It is important when doing group sports, because it improves personal performance and will be beneficial for everyone.
  • It helps to keep the immune system healthier .
  • Reduces the risk of injuries resulting from physical activity performed.
  • Reduces the risk of suffering cramps and stomach pains.

For all these effects, the benefits of combining physical activity during the diet are clear. Likewise, the diet must adapt to the type of exercise performed, to cover the needs of nutrients, which will vary according to each activity.

Benefits of physical activity during the diet