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Do we give our feet the treatment they really need?

After a long day where we have kicked the whole city for work reasons, or because we have just gone partying with friends, when we get home we feel our feet hurt a lot. Especially if women have worn heels. After removing our shoes, the only thing that we want is to lie on the sofa with our feet up to relieve the pain. This, a priori, is very good. However, if we want to give our feet the treatment they really deserve, it seems very necessary to follow a series of tips

Medlars, allies to cure the liver

Medlars. There are many studies conducted on this spring fruit that experts often call "medica-food" . And it is so, its great therapeutic properties make this fruit of acid sweetness, a remedy more than ideal to cure for example many diseases associated with the liver. Do you want to know more about medlars? Medlars, small allies of health Have you ever tasted a medlar? sure yes, you know, it is a fruit fleshy fruit, orange color assorted water and excellent essential nutrients. A magnificent contribution of Vitamin

Recipes to make homemade and natural antiperspirant

Perspiration is a natural process of our body, by means of which toxins and other waste are removed from our body through sweat. However, there are people who tend to suffer from and this can be quite annoying because, in general, it is accompanied by a bad smell. Nowadays, we can find a wide variety of deodorant and antiperspirant products that help to reduce these problems noticeably ; However, there are those who have allergic reactions to the chemicals in these products and for this reason they are looking for a different alternative.

Effective treatments for seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is not the same as dandruff, although this is one of its most visible consequences. In addition to being very unsightly, it is not good for your health to keep this problem for a long time on the scalp. Learn in the following article the effective treatments for seborrheic dermatitis. What to know about seborrheic dermatitis? Doctors say that this problem is a combination of two factors: on the one hand, an overproduction of fat or sebum in the skin of the person and on the other, a fungus, called

Tips to reduce hypertension

Having high blood pressure poses a risk of having heart or cerebrovascular diseases; you can have high blood pressure without having any symptoms, but other times it can cause headache, fatigue, anxiety or dizziness when changing your posture, or simply when you get up, therefore it is necessary to keep track of your blood pressure, and if hypertension exists, a change in lifestyle will have to be made. CONTROL STRESS Stress can cause blood pressure to rise, due to work or worries; It is therefore important to find time for your body

5 foods for radiant skin

The skin is an indicator of the health of our body, as well as one of the most important aesthetic aspects to see ourselves well and feel good. Different effects of bad eating habits and the environment can cause our skin to lose its natural shine, which is why it is important to rescue the consumption of foods that contribute to highlighting the beauty that our skin is capable of achieving . This time we want to tell you about 5 foods for a radiant skin , foods that you can find easily and that

Prevent and eliminate fungi on the feet

Fungi can occur anywhere in our body, but one of the most frequent areas is the feet. Like any part of our body, the feet require special care to keep them healthy and free of fungus ; However, most people downplay their feet and only begin to pay attention to them when problems have already arisen in them. ; but besides affecting the feet, it also affects the nails reaching to the point of destroying them completely. To avoid the appearance of fungus on the feet and nails, it is

Smoothies and infusions for our nervous system

Many shakes and some infusions can help you to better control your nervous system or your anxiety levels. Fortunately, there are many treatments so that you do not advance this inconvenience and you can have a better standard of living. However, it is important to be clear that the best treatments will always work better from prevention. A good Here we present some of the most recommended fruits, vegetables and herbs to combat this evil , you must ensure that these foods are never missing from your diet, and that you include

How do we avoid bloating after eating

Did you know that incorporating some spices, supplements or infusions into your diet can facilitate your digestion? For those who suffer after each meal, seeing how their stomach swells habitually, we present this article with tips and natural remedies that will help us eat better and enjoy food and good digestion. Learn to eat better Eating well does not mean just choosing healthy foods, but learning to eat. Digestion begins in the mouth, where the first enzymes appear that will help us in the digestion of starches (especially cereals, flours, pasta,

Remedies for treating low back pain

Low back pain is after the cold, one of the conditions that most affect people regardless of their age or sex. And it can appear both because of bad posture when sleeping, because of exerting a lot of weight on the back , or the mere passage of time causes the tendons and muscles of the area to suffer. The symptoms of low back pain can occur in many ways . It can appear in both tingling, dull and sharp pain, and can also affect other areas in the form of weakness in