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Good fats?

Many people believe that this is impossible. When we talk about fats, we always think that they have a negative effect on our body. But this is a huge mistake. Eliminating fats completely from our diet is never a good idea. Fats are one of the basic nutrients in food . Some foods contain healthy fats , while others have fats that are harmful to our health. Our body requires every day the necessary nutrients to function to the maximum, among which are fats (good, of course). To maintain good

Problems with the cervical

Surely it has ever happened to you that you can not move your neck or that you feel a lot of pain in the neck , the product of some effort or your daily activities. To be able not only to treat this problem, but also to avoid it, it is good that you take into account some data about cervical-related disorders. Location of the cervical First, you must know that the cervicals are seven vertebrae that are located in the highest part of your spine , that is, at the height

How to relieve leg pain

One of the most common discomforts, caused by different factors that can range from maintaining a bad position at work to excessive exercise, is pain in the lower extremities. There are different ways to treat this problem, with easy and practical tips that will help you answer that concern of how to relieve the pain in your legs that has been bothering you . We tell you these tips right away. Ice for aching muscles by exercise The causes of leg pain can be varied, so there are different home treatments for

How to strengthen your immune system

Maybe you did not know that the perfect time of the year to know if your immune system is working wonders is winter . This is thanks to the fact that this system is nothing more nor less than an extension of the brain and is directly related to the mind and the endocrine system. Different studies have shown that the also contributes to the brain to preserve the cognitive capacity and the constant regeneration of cells throughout life. Next we will name you some recommendations so that you can strengthen your immune

8 symptoms of a kidney disease

Caring for our kidneys is a must in our day. But sometimes we make mistakes: a bad diet, little consumption of fluids ... that is when small signs may appear that something is not right. What if we know some of the most obvious symptoms of a possible kidney disease? Take note for the sake of your health! Indicators of kidney disease As they say, knowledge is power. Listening to our body is essential to maintain good health, but we must not take obsession to any small sign . The

High transaminases: what they indicate, causes and treatment

Transaminases are enzymes that are produced in different parts of the body, especially in the liver. When there are high transaminases it means that an inflammatory process in the liver is under way. The inflammation in the liver implies that there is destruction of the liver cells responsible for releasing these enzymes into the blood . The usual thing is that high transaminases are detected through a routine biochemical examination. The inflammatory process in the liver originates from various causes: viruses, infectious diseases, autoimmune, ischemic, toxic drugs or due to the accumulation of

Curiosities about the human body that you will like to know

The human body is a fascinating machine. We are perfect creatures full of virtues, also of defects, but unrepeatable beings capable of doing great things. Do you want to accompany us in these ten curiosities about your body? Surely it surprises you! 1. Are you one of those who have a tendon less? Surprising but true. It is known that 15% of people do not have a tendon present in the radial flexor muscle of the carpus. To prove it you just have to do a very simple thing:

What is the difference between autopsy and necropsy?

If we search the Internet for the difference between autopsy and necropsy, we may not have anything clear. The truth is that there is a lot of confusion about these two terms that can be synonymous. However, although the word autopsy is used more, what happens with that strange so-called necropsy? The truth is that both refer to the search for information about the death of someone. However, today we are going to discover some curious aspects of that new word. The necropsy is used to designate many more things than the

Constipation, a more serious problem than you think

We all understand what constipation is, the sensations it implies and its consequences in daily life. But do we really know what constipation is and what are its causes? Technically, a person with a healthy bowel should evacuate - at least - once a day, or after every abundant meal. If this is not the case, probably the limit would be an evacuation every 48 hours, otherwise it can be said that our body suffers from constipation. Would you like to know what to do about it? Although the causes of

Sources of riboflavin, essential micronutrient for health

There are certain nutrients that play an extremely essential role in the health of the human being, that we should not neglect their consumption. Such is the case of riboflavin, a fundamental micronutrient for the proper functioning of our body, standing out in many types of cellular processes and in the metabolism of other nutrients . On this occasion, we offer you a small guide so you can know even more the importance and the sources of riboflavin , and incorporate those foods that contain you in abundance in your habitual diet. What