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Brown rice and green tea: two key foods in your diet

Brown rice and green tea are two essential foods that we recommend you include in your diet.

In addition to helping us cope with various cardiovascular diseases , to regulate our weight or to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL, these two proposals will offer us a good part of the antioxidants and vitamins that our body needs at the end of the day.

They also represent the classic example of that diet of oriental tradition that has helped this culture to achieve a good longevity .

By including healthy, balanced food in their dishes, far removed from that western style where saturated fats abound, their health reflects the great success in the nutrients they consume daily.

Both brown rice and green tea are prepared quickly, do not involve any economic cost and in turn, we must admit , feel very good.

Today in our space we want to encourage you to make these two foods key pieces in your weekly diet.

You will notice your health, your spirit and that inner balance with which to face the days in the best way.

1. Benefits of brown rice

Brown rice and green tea: two key foods in your diet

The vast majority of the population tends to choose white rice over whole grain.

  • We find it more appetizing and it is as if the food combined much better with its neutral but consistent taste.

However, nutritionists are clear: brown rice will always be the best option for our health for the following reasons.

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The brown rice is more pure and healthy

It is convenient to know that the white rice that we consume has gone through a refining process where its most nutritious part is eliminated: the bran.

  • Brown rice, on the other hand, is valuable precisely because of this aspect: to preserve its original state and that bran where its proteins are , thiamine, calcium, magnesium , fiber and potassium.

It is rich in selenium and magnesium

The selenium present in brown rice will protect us against various cardiovascular diseases, slowing down even the incidence of arthritis.

  • Likewise, consuming for example a cup of brown rice a day will provide us with much of the recommended daily amount of manganese.
  • Thanks to this mineral, we will synthesize fats better and take care of our nervous system .

It helps us lose weight

The high fiber content of brown rice helps us take care of our digestions and intestinal function.

  • In addition, one of the most interesting aspects of brown rice is that it is satiating.
  • It is enough to prepare each day a little to accompany, for example, our salads , meats or vegetables to enjoy a much more complete diet.

Stabilize your sugar levels

Brown rice and green tea: two key foods in your diet

Another factor that will make you choose brown rice versus white rice is because it helps us stabilize blood sugar levels .

It is a wonderful food for people suffering from diabetes.

A food very rich in antioxidants

We pointed to it at the beginning. Brown rice and green tea will make it easy to enjoy an extraordinary level of antioxidants.

In fact, you’ll like to know that brown rice has the same antioxidants as a cup of blueberries, wine or green tea itself.

How to resist these benefits?

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2. Green tea, the best drink you can consume

Brown rice and green tea: two key foods in your diet

The bioactive power of green tea

Green tea has multiple bioactive compounds. Among the most appreciated are, above all, polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins, powerful antioxidants.

  • These elements protect our cells from the effects of free radicals to cope more effectively with premature aging and multiple diseases .
  • Also, another of the most potent compounds in green tea is undoubtedly the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a very interesting cardioprotective agent.

Improve our brain function

Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, we all know it. However, it has enough quantity to offer the same effect.

Likewise, tea is also rich in amino acid L-theanine , which works synergistically with caffeine to improve our brain function and those cognitive processes related to attention and memory.

It helps us lose weight

Green tea has been used for a long time as a supplement to promote weight loss . It must be said that it is not a miracle, but a simple “helper”.

Green tea increases the metabolic rate and, therefore, helps us to burn that more resistant fat that usually concentrates in the abdomen and legs.

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Strengthens the immune system

Brown rice and green tea: two key foods in your diet

Consuming green tea and brown rice will allow us to lead a healthier life by dealing more effectively with viruses and bacteria.

It is the catechins present in green tea that reinforce our defenses and can cope with bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans, causing, for example, the advance of caries .

Do not hesitate to take one or two cups of green tea a day. It will not be the solution to any disease, but it will act as a wonderful protective agent that will allow us to fight better against them.

Brown rice and green tea: two key foods in your diet