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Can a stroke be prevented?

It is quite logical to think of a full and healthy life, no person assumes any accident in their future plans . At least they do not see the immense odds that someone will happen to them.

In most cases, the positive is always anticipated above the negative. This happens with respect to stroke; But what is it really?

Stroke (CVA)

Can a stroke be prevented?

According to the (WHO), cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is one of the most common cardiovascular disorders in the world, including above heart disease.

They also claim that it is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

The people most affected by a stroke are those in the age range between 40 and 60 years. In addition they usually manifest as attacks or strokes.

In itself, a stroke is the failure of blood circulation in the brain area.

The danger rates increase depending on the affectation and the lack of oxygen relative to the blood flow failure.

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Types of stroke

The ACV can be divided into two types:

  • Ischemic accident This is caused by arterial blockage, according to the , accounting for 87% of brain attacks.
  • Hemorrhagic accident. For its part, this type is caused by blood spills, either in the brain or in the subarachnoid area.

Reasons for which the accident occurs

Can a stroke be prevented?

No person is exempt from suffering this type of problem in their life. However, those that are in the age range mentioned are more likely to suffer it.

Added to this, there are a number of reasons or factors that determine the incidence of stroke:

  • Lack of physical activity: Not performing, even, the minimum or basic amount of physical activity influences in a way.
  • Excess weight or obesity: The greater the weight, the greater the possibility of suffering an accident of this type.
  • Sex: Generally speaking, being a man increases the risk of having a stroke. However, women can also suffer it.
  • Pregnant condition: during and after pregnancy (a few weeks), the chances of suffering from this health problem increase.
  • Genetic inheritance: When one of the parents has suffered it, the most probable is also to suffer it.
  • Certain diseases: Atrial fibrillation, diabetes, stress, cholesterol in high levels, high blood pressure.
  • Problems related to the circulatory system: artificial valves, transplants or weak arteries.
  • Tobacco dependence.

Is it possible to prevent stroke?

To minimize the chances of suffering from this problem, a series of recommendations should be taken into account:

Avoid tobacco

Can a stroke be prevented?

Needless to mention the immense damage caused by tobacco in the body, especially in the peripheral circulatory system, associated with the disease in question.

Therefore, one of the recommendations revolves around not consuming it more. If it costs us to do it once, at least, regulate it gradually.

Perform physical effort

It is recommended to meet the minimum of physical exercise to lead a life full of healthy habits and styles.

Performing at least 30 minutes of physical effort will decrease the chances of suffering from this problem.

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Maintain or decrease body weight

This advice depends on the person, since not all of us are in the same weight.

  • In case of being obese or overweight, we should try to reduce it little by little. If, on the contrary, we are within normal ranges, considered healthy, it is necessary to stay in them.

Avoid drug use

Can a stroke be prevented?

Both in the case of legal and illegal, can represent a huge risk to the body.

In the case of requiring any medication, it is essential that it is prescribed by a specialist.

Healthy eating

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to enjoy good health.

To reduce the risk of stroke, try to include in your day to day life:

  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Proteins
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables

Also, avoid precooked foods and those with excess of harmful fats.

Can a stroke be prevented?