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Can you stop being a jealous person?

Being a jealous person in excess has to do with an inner

This is paradoxical, since a relationship is based on trust. If this is not present, why continue in such a relationship?

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The answer is that you do not know how to be otherwise, because there is something in you that you have to solve .

How to stop being a jealous person

Recognize that you are a jealous person

Can you stop being a jealous person?

The first step to solving a problem is to realize that there is something that is not going well, that it harms your relationships and causes you unnecessary suffering .

Many people find it hard to recognize these kinds of things in them, so if you’ve already done it, congratulations! Now we must discover where these jealousies come from.

Maybe in your childhood one of your parents was very jealous or you grew up in a dysfunctional family that caused this type of insecurity that now manifests in your relationships.

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The objective is to find the reason to be able to make it conscious and to heal it . So you can continue with the next step …

The will to change

Can you stop being a jealous person?

Change is never something that happens overnight, much less if you have been acting in a certain way for a long time.

Therefore, having a strong will will be important in order to reach a successful conclusion with this objective of ceasing to be a jealous person. Keep in mind that jealous thoughts will continue to disturb your mind.

In this there is an essential part and it is essential that you know how to detect when you are creating stories in your mind and worrying about nothing .

For example, when your partner goes out with friends or goes to a company dinner can be an excellent time to be aware of your fears and how they only exist in your imagination.

Improve communication with your partner

Can you stop being a jealous person?

Dealing with this problem alone is not a good idea. For this reason, to involve your partner, talk to her and discuss any doubt or problem that arises, more than an option, is something you must do.

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Your partner can be a great support for you and improve communication with her will help you retaliate all those thoughts that do not let you sleep and that are the result of fears you have.

Many of the worst storms are created only in our mind, when the reality is completely different from the one we are thinking we see.

What is your concept of relationships?

Can you stop being a jealous person?

Something that in what will be essential to deepen is in the concept you have of relationships. If you are a jealous person, the most usual thing will be that you believe that having a partner implies possessing the other person, controlling it and knowing about it at every moment.

This is a terrible mistake, since it is a love based on the fear of losing the other person . This can become overwhelming and cause the relationship sooner or later to break.

Love has to be free, not controlling; love does not know about possessions, but about trust and respite. The other person does not belong to you, does not owe you anything and can leave at any time.

So it is the same with friends, brothers or other people who go through our life, who move away and sometimes even disappear from our circle.

However, the couple seems to be something to which we are tied; We believe that without it we are nobody. It is something that we are very wrong about and that makes us extremely unhappy.

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To ensure our well-being, it will be important to verify that we do not suffer from emotional dependence.

We will have to face each and every one of those fears and insecurities that tell us that if we do not have a partner we are nobody, that, if they leave us, what will become of us?

We do not need people, we can love without needing . However, that is a long way that a jealous person has to travel.

To begin to experience true love it is necessary to change the concept of relationships.

Can you stop being a jealous person?