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7 home treatments to fight fluffy hair

No more fluffy hair and all the products that promise results and do not work! In our own house we can find much more effective natural products to put an end to the frizz since its first application . Discover in this article 7 home treatments to fight fluffy hair in a simple and natural way. Why do I have fluffy hair? The causes of fluffy hair may be different. In most cases, hair dehydration, the use of products that damage hair fibers and the humidity of the climate are

How can we get rid of dandruff?

Dandruff is a very common problem that affects both men and women without exception. This appears due to dermatological problems on the scalp, especially at the age of puberty and maturity. Although the real causes of dandruff are still unknown, this problem can be nipped in the bud without many headaches. And you? Do you have problems of dandruff and do not know how to eradicate it ? Well through this article we will give you some very useful tips to forget about it for a while , and so you can

Dandruff treatment, forget about it forever

Dandruff is an excessive desquamation of the cells of the scalp. Skin scales appear on the hair that, although they do not pose any medical or health problems, can be unsightly and affect the self-esteem of those who suffer from it. The dead cells of the scalp are continually detached, just like the rest of the skin, but if dandruff appears it is because the speed of desquamation is increased by nutritional causes, bad habits in hair care, stress, etc. The appearance of the scales may be accompanied by itching and inflammation;

How to repair damaged hair

Agents such as sun and chlorine, dyes and perms; as well as hair dryers and hair straighteners, among other agents, can make hair dry, brittle and dull . You should keep in mind that you should cut the tips frequently, apply a jet of cold water in the last wash, to help close the cuticle and use a conditioner with moisturizers after the shampoo, to help retain moisture for longer. To repair , you can use different home treatments, to restore the health of the hair and restore its shine.

3 remedies with egg to rehydrate dry hair

Dry hair is a difficult problem to solve permanently. We can find specific products that achieve an immediate satisfactory effect thanks to the use of paraffins and other synthetic ingredients. However, these quickly soil the hair and damage the capillary structure progressively. In this article we share 3 remedies with egg yolk to rehydrate dry hair. This food is very nutritious, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. In this way we will get a mane hydrated, soft and bright in a natural way . The wonders of the egg

4 natural remedies for hair loss

Most people, both men and women, look for a generous and shiny hair, as it improves the appearance and gives a better image. However, many have to fight against hair loss, one of the most common and difficult to treat hair problems . We offer some options of natural remedies for hair loss. It is estimated that, in the scalp, there are 100 thousand strands of hair. Of them, it is normal to fall between 50 and 100 per day. However, when the fall exceeds this limit it is time to start treating

Home treatments for soft hair

Many people spend a not inconsiderable amount of money on products to give hair softness and shine, without knowing that there are remedies that can be easily prepared at home for this purpose. Next, find some home treatments for soft hair, using ingredients that you probably have in your home or that you can get easily . Mayonnaise treatment The properties of mayonnaise can give your hair the softness, shine and silky texture you are looking for. For this treatment, apply a considerable amount of mayonnaise on your hair, making it

9 Natural ways to shine hair

Hair is one of the most special attractions that women have and for this reason they all want to look always healthy, bright and beautiful. There are many factors such as weather, the use of irons, dryers and tweezers, which deteriorate the hair and cause it to produce The market offers different products to restore the damage caused by all these factors, many of these work perfectly but almost always cost large sums of money. Do you want to know natural and economic alternatives to restore shine and vitality to your hair ?

How to recover the natural hair color

Many times we want to change the look of our may be a time when we want to recover the natural tone of our hair and we know that by the use of chemicals and the procedure involved, the task is quite complicated. A hair that has been subjected to drastic color changes, layers of dyes and strong discoloration processes is very difficult to treat to recover its natural color. If to this we add that the use of chemicals can dry out and take life away from the hair, then we know that we

Home treatments of oily hair

Some people agree that is the result of eating a high-fat diet. The sebaceous glands of the hair that are fed with fried, dairy and in general fatty foods, make that there is an excess of fat in the hair making it look dirty all the time. However, other experts say that food has nothing to do and that the main causes of having a greasy hair are hereditary factors, heat, humidity, hormonal changes and even some diseases. But whatever the cause, oily hair is very unpleasant, not only because it is more