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Causes and treatment of red eyes

Since always, man has been in constant struggle with germs, whether bacteria, viruses or fungi. When a germ crosses the defenses and manages to enter and reproduce in the body, it causes an infection as a defense measure. Conjunctivitis or red eye is the result of the presence of these germs, a foreign object and allergies.

Red eye caused by viruses or bacteria

The red eye originates when a virus or bacteria invades this area of ​​our face. These invasions cause the eye to secrete certain substances that seek to combat the problem and each one will have very particular characteristics, depending on the germ that is affecting us . You have to take into account that The infected person usually touches his eye trying to calm the itch and by touching any other surface with that hand, the spread of the germs takes place.

To avoid this type of infection it is important that we avoid touching the eyes as much as possible. If at any time you should do it, make sure you . If you have already been infected you can try to use herbal treatments, but be sure to ask your ophthalmologist because certain herbs can cause more problems.

Red eye caused by allergies

Causes and treatment of red eyes

Allergy occurs when the body identifies something that a priori is harmless (a speck of . The immediate reaction of the immune system is to produce histamines, which cause the appearance of red eyes. The treatment in this case is to take antihistamines, which can be expensive and have harmful effects or, failing that, use bee pollen as a natural reducer of histamine and help with some natural antiallergic treatments.

It is important that once you identify the allergy to any element, visit your specialist to offer a treatment that facilitates the good health of your eyes. In addition, the doctor can identify if there are other allergy factors that you should be aware of.

Red eye for a strange object

The red eye can appear when an object that is foreign to it enters and remains inside (eyelash, sand, etc.). The eye becomes inflamed and turns red as part of the response of the immune system, in addition to producing tears in an attempt to expel it. In this case, the most effective treatment is to wash the affected eye with plenty of clean water until you get to dislodge that foreign substance out of it.

Causes and treatment of red eyes

In short, the causes of conjunctivitis (red eye) are mainly; the invasion of bacteria or virus, an and permanence of an object foreign to the eye. The treatments on both occasions consist of strengthening the immune system and using herbal treatments, using antihistamines or bee pollen and washing the affected area with plenty of clean water respectively.

Causes and treatment of red eyes