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Keys to foster self-esteem in children

Encouraging strong and defined self-esteem in children will help them grow up with maturity and security. Sometimes it is not easy to get it, parents are not specialists in "everything", but it is always good to have some small techniques with which to help us. We show them to you The importance of self-esteem in childhood We know, none of us come to this world with a perfect recipe to make our children happy and achieve all their goals in maturity. Sometimes it costs, sometimes the little ones have

Why in Japan children always obey parents?

Japan is a very admired country. Among other aspects, in Japan children obey and have good behavior, are kind and considerate. They learn and obey the rules or adapt their behavior to what is expected of them. A way of raising that amazes us. Japanese parents have full confidence that their children will learn what is appropriate behavior, by the example they are given, and feel responsible for the results of their children. Surely you are wondering how they achieve it. Keep reading and we will give you the fundamental

5 alternatives to punishment

Did you know that punishments are not the only way for your child to learn a lesson? There are alternatives for parenting that allow a better development of the infant. Several psychologists agree that screaming or whipping only works in the short term. As these do not modify the indecisive behavior of children, it also directly affects their emotional health. Discover 5 alternatives to punishment that will help you educate your child better. Do you remember how you felt every time mom or dad yelled at you for not keeping the toys?

Food for children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD affects behavior and interferes with the intellectual performance of the child; It presents symptoms such as sleep disorders, depression and relationship problems among others . In the treatment of ADHD, eating plays an important role, since it can help to reduce symptoms. BENEFICIAL FOODS Choose a natural and healthy diet, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, organic meats and dairy products, legumes, whole grains and nuts . Supplements, such as essential fatty acids, vitamins B complex, C, D and E, minerals such

Physical punishment in children and its consequences

Physical punishment has been used for decades as a way to impart discipline. However, it has been shown that this type of sanction is not effective. On the contrary, the damage that for years has been imposed on boys and girls with this type of practices is evident. Despite this, there are still many parents who consider physical punishment as the best way to educate or correct behaviors in their children. The corrective method used usually includes slapping, pinching, pulling hair and heavy beatings. And what is more worrying is that more

6 damages that can cause divorces in the lives of children

In general, the damages that divorces can cause are usually irreversible.   If we also count the damage that children suffer, the result is almost always devastating. In children the damage manifests itself in their self-esteem and confidence . Likewise, it affects other aspects of their lives such as academics and, in some cases, health. Divorce is much more than the dissolution of the marriage bond. When parents are separated, the world of children often breaks down . The separation generates a state of mourning that each member of the

Help your child achieve their goals

Why is it important to help your child achieve his goals? Being a father or mother means more than feeding or providing a roof for the children. The true objective of the parents is to provide what is necessary for the child to be self-sufficient, make good decisions and achieve fulfillment. However, sometimes we forget that children will grow up and live their own lives. It is important to note that they will be the very engine that drives them to achieve their goals despite the circumstances of life. As is

Why it is important to teach the value of friendship to children

One of the closest and most wonderful social relationships that anyone can develop is friendship. However, what can be said in the case of children? Why is it important to teach the value of friendship to children? Below we explain the reasons. What is friendship According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), friendship is defined as "personal affection, pure and disinterested, shared with another person who is born and strengthens with the deal." In other words, friendships are relationships between two people that involve giving and receiving voluntarily and affectionately

Teach your child to be generous

Why should you teach your son to be generous? Is it worth the effort? Our answer is definitive: Yes, you should instill in your child generosity . Keep reading to find out the reason. How your child learns to be generous Before giving or sharing, it is important to connect with others. Only by knowing the person can we identify their needs and help them satisfy them to the extent possible. However, if you want to teach your child to be generous you will need patience. The

5 home remedies for abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is a common malaise. It can affect adults, young people or children equally. Poor nutrition and stress are important causes of abdominal pain. However, if the pain persists after following the following recommendations, you should consult a gastroenterologist. Abdominal pain may be the symptom that hides ailments such as ulcers, gastritis, hernia or infection by bacteria, or even major diseases. How to relieve abdominal pain? If the abdominal pain is caused by the intake of an excessive food, the bad digestion of a food or the accumulation