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Chocolate tastes better when we are on a diet

Incredibly, when we are on a diet, it is very likely that chocolate will be more tasty . At least that indicates a study conducted at the University of Northwestern, Illinois.

The diets always took care of looking for food that would be healthy or free of guilt , but perhaps it is precisely the fault that makes the food taste so tasty.

While guilt was always identified with negative emotions, and n a study by , a professor at Northwestern University, examined how guilt and pleasure associated, in order to deduce whether the food especially those sweets that we like so much – they knew better when on diet. The results, very curious, suggest that the more guilt we feel, the more pleasure we enjoy eating that rich-and forbidden-food. Even reaching a point where previous feelings of guilt when eating, could cause food to be more tasty.

In the study, which consisted of 1103 people, there were two groups. A group, intended to feel guilty, were asked to order words related to guilt, to cognitively activate that feeling. The other group was asked to order words that had nothing to do with guilt. Then, both groups were given The participants who had been incited to feel guilt, enjoyed the chocolates much more than those of the neutral group .

Another interesting part of the study was to give a small group of 20 people health-related magazines, while another 20 gave them magazines with generic themes. After that, they also gave everyone a chocolate candy. And once again, those who had been induced to think about health issues, and therefore felt more guilt when eating chocolate, enjoyed it more than the other group.

But that’s not all, the ability of guilt to make us feel more pleasure when eating forbidden, was again evident when once again in two groups, a number of people were asked to explicitly activate the feeling , who wrote about past situations in their life where they felt guilt, and the other group was asked to write about everyday issues in their lives. At the end, everyone ate a chocolate truffle. Guess what? Yes, those in the guilt group reported that they liked the truffle much more , supporting the idea that, according to Goldsmith, “experiencing the emotion of guilt can increase pleasure.”

So, although to lose weight serves us little, now we know that it is completely normal that chocolate that we eat secretly in the diet, we know so delicious.

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Chocolate tastes better when we are on a diet