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Cholesterol in women, how to reduce it?

Cholesterol appears differently in men and women. Maybe you did not know, but we are influenced by the hormonal changes, and this makes for example we raise levels in both pregnancy and menopause . It does not hurt to know how to index women and what is the best way to reduce it according to our own nature. We invite you to know more.

We already know that cholesterol is a type of fat that is found naturally in our body and that helps us to perform many essential vital functions in our health. In us it is intimately involved in synthesizing many of our hormones, as well as vitamin D and bile acids . To be transported by blood, you need lipoproteins: LDL and HDL. The risk in our health appears precisely when there is a gap between them.

Causes of cholesterol in women

Cholesterol in women, how to reduce it?

Cholesterol before menopause

The risk of cholesterol before menopause is due to many factors. It usually appears before age 50, and forces us to have to take a specific medication or have to change our eating habits. But let’s see these causes:

    • Pregnancy: during pregnancy we suffer an increase in estrogen and hormones due to the development of the placenta, since cholesterol is an essential fat for the formation of estrogen and placental hormones. All this leads to hypercholesterolemia. In addition to this we suffer some variations in the anabolic processes, which in turn cause more cholesterol. Remember to follow-up and be your doctor who gives you the most appropriate treatment.
    • Use of contraceptive pills : many of these pills contain estrogen and progestin. As we have indicated, these substances affect our levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, causing alterations in both HDL and LDL.
    • Hypothyroidism: recent studies have revealed that in case of hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland produces very little thyroid hormone, in turn slowing down the metabolism of the body. This in turn causes cholesterol to rise because the thyroid hormone decreases the liver’s ability to process blood. We must take it into account.
    • Renal insufficiency : when we suffer from renal failure, lipids accumulate in blood due to the inability to process them properly. All this results in our cholesterol level ending up in its most negative side.
    • Obesity: it is the most common and known reality. The accumulation of fats immediately decompenses the balance between HDL and LDL, thus increasing cholesterol and the presence of fats adhered to veins and arteries, hardening them dangerously.

Cholesterol in menopause

  • Cholesterol always suffers an inevitable increase during menopause . Sometimes we despair without knowing what causes it if we take a good diet, we take care of ourselves, and yet … there are those unbalanced levels. For what is this? Everything is due to a decompensation of estrogen during menopause . Until then we had it in good levels, but from the 50 it undergoes changes and causes the increase of cholesterol in our sanguineous current. We must take it into account and put ourselves in the hands of our doctor, sometimes a hormone therapy can help us to compensate the levels.

How to fight cholesterol in the case of women?

The power of red and blue fruits

Cholesterol in women, how to reduce it?

  • Watermelons, pomegranates, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, plums … all the fruits that are red and blue, have the virtue of lowering blood sugar, combating bad cholesterol and taking care of our heart.
  • In the case of women, it will prevent us from suffering from, for example, inflammations of urine, they are excellent antioxidants capable of offering us great benefits.
  • In addition, these fruits contain anthocyanin, which is fully effective in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Try to take every morning or a natural juice, or eat them with oatmeal. They are very indicated for the health of the woman.

The guidelines of a proper diet

Cholesterol in women, how to reduce it?

  • Avoid consuming industrial pastries, fats, additives, dairy products, red meats, fried foods, salted fish …
  • Increase your contribution of fruits and vegetables, green leaves, whole grains, oats, flax seeds, nuts and tofu .
  • Always use olive oil.
  • Bake your meals whenever you can, avoid resorting to fried foods.
  • Do a little exercise , just walk around forty minutes a day, but avoid sedentary life first of all.

Cholesterol in women, how to reduce it?