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Chronic victimhood: Why do some people complain all day?

Reasons there are many. However, all point to common features adopted by this type of people.

These are characterized by being unsure of themselves , dependent on the help of others, unable to solve their own problems, recognize their mistakes and a host of other features.

Victimization is considered as a possible symptom of some psychological disorder , since it can present itself with great intensity in the life of the sufferer.

In addition, it ends up affecting completely not only his way of life, but also that of those around him.

Everyone at some point has had to face really difficult moments, in which life places us as a victim, either by someone who has sought to harm us or because our bad decisions placed us in such a situation.

What makes us better every day is the good attitude with which we manage to overcome these moments and move forward .

Unfortunately not all people have that ability to advance and overcome themselves. On the contrary, they immerse themselves in a sea of ​​negativity and become “autovíctimas” for the rest of their lives .

How are people with chronic victimhood?

Chronic victimhood: Why do some people complain all day?

It is easy to recognize these types of people. It is enough to pay attention to the expressions of their faces, the bad posture when walking and even the pessimistic tone of voice with which they always speak.

  • These tend to justify everything that happens to them as a kind of curse or because of others.
  • In this way they are increasing their chronic victimhood, to such an extent that they distance the people around them.
  • They usually keep feelings related to rancor or envy , and get rid of all possible responsibility for their tragedies.

These are some of the most remarkable characteristics in people who live with chronic victimhood:

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1. They blame the rest of the lack of help

In most cases they feel frustrated when they do not receive help from others. They doubt their abilities and do not feel self-sufficient to solve their own problems.

In general, they usually make a drama of it.

2. Manipulate the facts unconsciously

Chronic victimhood: Why do some people complain all day?

It does not matter what the real story behind their problems is: they always find a way to twist the facts so that the fault lies only with others and never because of themselves.

In this way what they do in the end is to manipulate the facts unconsciously. This is something that comes naturally to them from their victim status, as they consider themselves.

3. They show limited self-criticism

Although people with chronic victimhood are not able to consider their good qualities, they can self-criticize their actions.

However, this may just be a way to justify that their bad times are the fault of others .

In the end, considering themselves victims makes their capacity for self-criticism much more limited.

4. Focus your imagination on the misfortune

Chronic victimhood: Why do some people complain all day?

This type of people fantasize thinking that they have only come to the world to suffer and that there is no future that offers something good.

In fact they feel good talking about it with other people. All this ultimately leads to a distorted vision of reality.

5. Manipulate unconsciously

In this case, they resort to blackmail as the only resource to get all the help possible at the time they want.

For this, the minds of other people work, becoming the victims at all times, in such a way that when suffering from an accident or mishap, others feel guilty and lend them the help they need.

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6. A problem that is eternal

Chronic victimhood: Why do some people complain all day?

Chronic victimization is a problem that gets worse over time as the person takes their tragedies and grievances as customs .

The possible cause of this can be tied to those situations in which we try to fix things with effort but then we do not see good results, and this continues repeating many times.

Thus, it leads to a state of despair and frustration where everything becomes an emotional burden.

It is then when people take this kind of situations as normal or think they deserve it. In this way they are transformed into the victimizers of their own lives without finding the way out .

Chronic victimhood: Why do some people complain all day?