Studies and research carried out by researchers from the M & K Health Institute in Ako, Japan, determined that the male sex of the human race could be affected by the planet’s climate change . All the research explains how it is possible that something like this might happen due to extreme climate changes on our planet.

According to studies, when there is an unusual temperature variation, there is an increase in the death of male fetuses , compared to the death of female fetuses. A clear example of this was given by Dr. Misao Fukuda, leader of the research, who indicated that in Japan, the annual temperature has changed radically since 1970, and since then, fewer men than

To carry out the research and obtain these results, the study focused on two extreme weather phenomena that allowed detailed analyzes of natal rates. The first was the extreme summer that occurred in 2010 and the abnormal winter that occurred in 2011. These two extreme climatic changes recorded by the Japan Meteorological Agency, were used to make a balance with the data on the number of natural abortions officially registered in the Vital Statistics of Japan database.

Climate change could eradicate the male sex of the human race

As a result of the balances made based on these two data, it was determined that during the extreme summer of 2010, there was a considerable increase in the number of natural abortions in this country , and also, nine months later, the number of births

To affirm that climate change could influence the disappearance of the male sex in the human race, the research is based on the revealed data of these studies in Japan. Although obviously such results are categorical, it is not the first studies of this type. In fact, in previous occasions a similar study had already been done in Finland and New Zealand, although the research did not show a link that could determine that the climatic conditions had a relationship with the sex of the

Climate change could eradicate the male sex of the human race

At a global level, climate change is becoming increasingly noticeable and its impact affects both the environment and the living beings that inhabit it. At present it is difficult to affirm that the masculine sex will disappear completely in the next decades; obviously on a global level climate change is different and affects more areas than others. This research is likely to continue, and may even be carried out in other countries where climate change has generated a lot of impact. According to what Fukuda said and his research, it is likely that these same results will be thrown in those places where there has been extreme climate change in recent years.


Climate change could eradicate the male sex of the human race


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