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Cold water with ice for the feet

The feet are the part of the body that suffers most with fatigue and stress.

However, oriental medicine goes a step further. It warns us that on the soles of the that connect with the rest of our body.

Therefore, they suppose a door to the well-being that we can not despise.

It is also the best way to access our immune system . As we know, this is responsible for keeping us protected from external threats, but also internal.

In this sense, soaking your feet in cold water with ice is very convenient to fight against any condition.

Benefits of exposure to cold temperatures

Cold water with ice for the feet

Surely you know how . They introduce the virus or the disease so that your body develops a shield that prevents it from contracting in the future.

Following this reasoning, it seems reasonable to resort to cold water for the feet to prepare for the winter .

On the other hand, it stimulates blood flow. There is a vascular contraction that causes the capillaries to facilitate blood circulation.

The legs suffer much the problems of this type: although it is easy that the fluids go down to the feet, it is more complicated to do the reverse process. In gravity is the key.

Therefore, using cold water with ice for the feet will be a great improvement for your blood system, as it will push the blood to reach the heart .

es bueno que lo hagas con disciplina y con un método . However, it is good that you do it with discipline and with a method . This way you will be able to enhance all its benefits and eliminate the possibility of any complication occurring.

How to use cold water with ice for the feet

Cold water with ice for the feet

The treatment that we are going to present is designed for 15 days. It is better to do it at night, so that your body relaxes and takes advantage of all its benefits.

You will not need to invest a lot of time: you will only have to submerge your feet for 15 seconds.

What do you need

  • A bucket or basin, with the appropriate measures to your feet and with enough depth to submerge them under the ice.
  • Water
  • 18 ice cubes

How is it done?

  • Once you have everything ready, simply wait for the water to cool completely . Put your feet in the water until it covers you.
  • During the first seconds, you will feel pain but you should not worry, as your limbs will warm up quickly in the water.

It is the law of thermodynamics: the hottest body provides heat to the coldest, until they reach the same temperature. After 15 seconds, remove them.

As we said, with this simple operation your body will

On the other hand, you will be arming yourself against the attack of the microbes and bacteria that always swarm through the air, waiting to find you unprepared.

Submerging the feet in cold water with ice also heals

Cold water with ice for the feet

So far we have seen that it is a tool that helps us prevent future evils. However, it will come great if you are suffering from the flu or a

When you are going through these processes, repeat the same operation for 4 hours.

In addition to lowering fever quickly, our immune system will react fiercely to infection and germs. The ailment will disappear in a few days, and with it, the discomfort that it produces.

In this sense, it is advisable to intersperse it with hot water baths for the feet, since this allows the elimination of toxins and harmful elements.

With this mixture, you will be invigorating your body thanks to the ice and then expelling everything that is left over. As you can see, the cliché that when you are constipated you must flee from the water is not very successful.

It is, therefore, a simple and cheap way to “keep at bay” the conditions that threaten your daily work. In addition, you can rest and relax your feet to face the next day with renewed energy.

It will help you to disconnect and will mark the moment at which the time begins for you. The obligations are over.

It’s your moment, do you want to try it?

Cold water with ice for the feet