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How to act after having an argument with my boyfriend

The fights with the couple are something 'from day to day' and can appear for any reason. Some are more complicated than others because of the subject they refer to and it is very important to know what to do in the during and after. Therefore, in this article we will answer your question of how to act after an argument with my boyfriend? I had an argument with my boyfriend: and now? It is common to feel guilty, sad and anguished after arguing with the couple. Sometimes we do not

Be careful! 7 ways to ruin the relationship that works

Unfortunately, broken relationships have become commonplace , to which practically most people are getting used to. It is like a virus that lurks and for which there is no vaccine that prevents it: it has come to ruin the relationship and nothing can be done. Needless to say that it is not about any epidemic, but about the behaviors that the protagonists themselves commit without, many times, not even noticing. It seems that the individual egos of some are stronger than their own reason and feelings , and invade them provoking foolish acts.

When should a couple psychologist visit?

Visiting a couples psychologist is an act of true love for oneself and for the person chosen as a life partner. When the Begin Some manage to converse and look for alternatives to get ahead. Being honest with what you feel is the first thing you should do. Take some time together to identify the true causes of this bad trance of the couple. Leave pride and selfishness aside so that love is not intoxicated. It sounds very cute and easy, but most of the time it does not really

A crisis or end of relationship: how to distinguish them

In theory, we should know how to identify when a relationship ends. But in practice, it is not always so simple and sometimes we need to analyze the situation very well. Is it a crisis or end of relationship? What characteristics does each of the options have? How do I distinguish between one and the other? In this article we help you unveil the mystery. What is a crisis in the relationship? A good way to determine if it is something temporary or the end of the relationship

7 things that destroy the relationship as a couple

Knowing someone and starting a relationship is extremely satisfying and in the beginning everything seems perfect. But as the relationship progresses, some details begin to come to light. Attitudes or gestures that destroy the relationship of anybody. In this transition , certain difficulties may arise if they are not discussed in depth. Make clear from the beginning the tastes, preferences and everything that bothers or hurts is the only option. Most couples fall into the fatal error of not saying anything and then everything gets worse. The discomfort is hidden to

6 tips for those who do not stop arguing with their partner

Nobody likes having a discussion, especially if the other person is the one they love so much. But sometimes, it seems that we are facing a round of fights that never ends ... But they feed back! In this article we will give some advice for those who do not stop arguing with their partner, so they can find that way out of the situation and the relationship stops resenting. Couples who argue all the time The rupture in a relationship can be caused by various reasons; however, there is

How to save a couple relationship? 8 tips that could help you

There are some strategies that can help save a relationship when things are no longer working in the best way. Although sometimes the healthiest is to say goodbye, some habits allow one last attempt before making such a determination. If there are enough reasons to want to continue with that person, do not stop fighting to rescue the good. Therefore, instead of continuing to focus on the negative aspects of the relationship, it is better to remember what it was that once united them. Also, both must do their part to overcome

Why there are couples who argue a lot and stay together

The fights in a relationship are 'common currency' and although in some cases they are left inside, in others they become participants who surround them. We are very struck by the fact that there are couples who argue a lot but still continue together. For what is this? How do they maintain a relationship based on constant dispute? In this article we tell you. Why do couples argue? This is the first question we must answer before we understand that there are couples who argue a lot, but who

9 mistakes in the relationships that we make almost all

It is not about feeling guilty or responsible, but learning from failures to be a better person and fully enjoy our partner. In the following article we will tell you what are the errors in the relationships we usually make. The best thing is that they have a solution! What are the most frequent errors in relationships? No one is born knowing how to have a partner and be happy ... and while relationships are not simple, sometimes we make them even more complicated. There are certain negative patterns that

7 signs that show that something is wrong in your relationship

There are many ways in which you can realize that something is wrong with your relationship. As much as it costs you to accept it, there are behaviors and actions that show you clearly that things are not going in the right direction. Are you starting to have doubts? It is important to bear in mind that the couple's relationship goes through different phases, each one with its respective changes. Although some manage to maintain that feeling of falling in love with time, it is inevitable to go through several conflicts.