Oral sex for the couple is like the previous warm-up before doing any exercise. pasar por los juegos previos del sexo oral puede ayudarnos a llegar al éxtasis más rápido. That is, going through the previous games of oral sex can help us get to ecstasy faster. For this practice to be more pleasant, these considerations must be taken into account before practicing oral sex.

Who does not like to have oral sex? en el que solo te importa satisfacer a tu pareja y recibir lo mismo a cambio. That moment of in which you only care to satisfy your partner and receive the same in return. In addition to being able to create a bond of union between both.

However, there are some considerations before practicing oral sex that you should take into account for 2 reasons: the first, to do well and turn it into a pleasant experience. The second, but not least, avoid injuries. Here I present some:

1. Care for hygiene before oral sex

Considerations before practicing oral sex

is paramount, and ironically, it is the aspect that is least considered. Although at times lust and passion take over our bodies and we feel like going directly to make oral sex to our partner, first, we should consider:

Hygiene is not only important to avoid unpleasant odors in the face of such a pleasant act, it is also important to avoid getting infections such as herpes.

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2. The previous game of oral sex is the key

Sex is ideal to let your creativity and desire free. The goal is to excite your partner before and during oral sex. What few people know about the previous game is that it does not necessarily start in bed. You can start with some caresses and kisses, and not minutes before having sex.

Do not be afraid to play, kiss their erogenous zones, tempt your partner, withdraw from moments and increase the level of their expectations and their excitement.

, juega con su mente y que no pueda saber en qué momento vas aumentar los besos y las caricias, a detenerte oa continuar haciéndolo. Change the rhythm of your , play with your mind and you can not know at what time you will increase kisses and caresses, stop or continue to do so.

3. Hands are your best tool

Considerations before practicing oral sex

Another consideration before practicing oral sex is using the hands. As you go kissing here and there, unbuttoning your shirt, removing it from all your clothes and increasing the level of your excitement, try to make your hands participants and protagonists of the act.

Touch, without fear, explore and let your gestures be the perfect indicators to know at what moments touch is necessary, in what not and where, from time to time.

4. Use your mouth

No, it’s not just about kissing, licking or sucking. Many people have the false belief that during sex you should not talk, but this helps a lot so that we can improve the techniques to give our partner more pleasure. Whispering some phrases or questions can give even more intensity to the sexual act.

Ask him how he feels, if he likes it, if faster, slower, if he prefers you to do something else, something new. In addition, your partner can also communicate what you want to do, without having to ask. Knowing the needs of your partner is very important.

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5. Creativity and fun: the basis of oral sex

Considerations before practicing oral sex

Please, that oral sex does not become methodical in which you only want to do an action so that the other person feels pleasure and that’s it. Among the considerations before practicing oral sex, is that you enjoy it, that both have fun, sex is for that.

el sexo oral no siempre termina cómo tú lo esperas. Do not make expectations or plans, sexual relations and, especially, oral sex does not always end how you expect it. Do not be thinking about getting your partner to climax, that can make you lose focus.

Take care to do what your body and your senses indicate to you. Pay attention to your instincts, make your partner enjoy and enjoy yourself too, that everything is fun, without pressure and will flow in the best way.

Over time, experience in this practice will increase and pleasure will make its own. Consider these considerations before practicing oral sex and the results in your relationship will be amazing.

Considerations before practicing oral sex


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