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5 best Spanish series about love and relationships

The Spanish series have grown in the last time in quantity, content and production . A thematic variety is imposed on different platforms as in public television. This new way of making fiction is a great opportunity for the actors as well as for the spectators. The former have access to a wider work source, the latter have a new alternative to enjoy at home. 5 best Spanish series about love and relationships All kinds of human relationships take place in these Spanish series : family, work and couple.

Why my boyfriend does not want to marry me

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful stages through which people pass , especially women because they are the beings that represent life and We are not all equal and the fact that you want to establish a married life does not mean that your partner wants the same , this can come to represent a big problem for both, that's why in this article we give you an orientation. How do I know if my boyfriend does not want to get married First of all, it is important that

7 yoga poses to make in couple

Achieving a flexible and consistent link at a time, includes daily attention to detail and training. The yoga exercises to do as a couple are a technique that has very positive results . Union, complicity, physical and emotional flexibility and other skills are reinforced in the relationship. The benefits of yoga are as important to the individual as to the couple. 7 yoga postures to do in a couple that revitalize the bond Some may be exclusive to do among peers , but others are yoga classics that are adapted

How to know if we are prepared to be parents?

When you think about planning a pregnancy, like those times that are given without looking for it, the biggest fear is knowing if we are prepared to be parents. Is that there are no unique techniques or manuals on which a test can be given to prove it. Men and women from all over the world at some point in their lives go through this doubt. And it is normal that it happens, in short, you are thinking of a totally helpless being that will depend on you. Being prepared to be a

6 ideas to make the first unforgettable appointment

Being yourself is the most important thing when making the first unforgettable appointment; but, of course, it is not the only thing, since certain additional 'ingredients' are needed. In this article we will tell you some ideas so that this initial encounter is the most beautiful of all. Can you make the first unforgettable date? With 'unforgettable' we refer to a positive experience, which we will remember forever. Of course, it seems somewhat difficult to get for a first meeting, however, the key lies in 'being ourselves' and not trying to

The ideal manicure for the day of the wedding

There is no doubt that when you get married you have to be beautiful from head to toe. In addition to the dress, makeup and shoes, your hands should be in line with this important date. Therefore, in the following article we will tell you what the ideal manicure should look like, the one that accompanies you while you are carrying the bouquet of flowers, while your husband places the ring or the one that is with you in his first wedding dance. Ideal manicure: French style nails The manicurist par

How to choose makeup for wedding day

You have already chosen the dress and shoes, you have an idea of ​​what the hairstyle will be like ... You can not leave makeup aside for the day of the wedding! Undoubtedly it is the most important to see you beautiful in this special moment. The make up allows you to take advantage of the features, highlight what you like most (for example the eyes or mouth) and complete the outfit. Sometimes we have no idea how to make up for our wedding, so in this article we give you some tips.

8 most romantic places in Spain to escape with your partner

A few days or just a few hours can be enough to live an unforgettable experience as a couple . Those who wish to create the best memories should escape to these more romantic places in Spain. The most beautiful corners where simply, you breathe love. Surely, each country has its own places to receive the most in love , today we will take care of Spain. And although it is difficult to make a limited selection, some Spanish destinations are to emphasize. 8 most romantic places in Spain

10 most romantic destinations to visit with your partner

The most romantic destinations are always waiting for couples who wish to live a special trip. Sometimes, it is necessary to escape as a couple and travel to unknown places . It's a way to go back to the period of falling in love, the one they would never want to end. By life circumstances such as work, family obligations and the economy, you forget to find time for the relationship. But you have to be a little selfish and embark on a unique journey accompanied by that loved one . They

How to choose a wedding dress

Sure since you were a child you have dreamed of the wedding dress for that beautiful day ... or maybe you are one of those more practical women who seek comfort and have no idea what to wear for your wedding. One of the many things that are organized for a wedding is the attire that the bride will wear ... There may be several tests in those months! Therefore, it is essential to know how it should be so that you look beautiful. In this article we will give you some tips.