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Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins

To have a happy life it is important to know each other well and have your own love but ... what else does it imply? The answer is very simple: respect towards yourself. However, this is not always easy to develop today. There are many variables that can self-sabotage and it is important to know how to open a path between them in order to be accepted and respected. This implies that it is not only to appreciate our efforts but also to know how to discern, beyond difficulties, what really benefits

3 ways in which we deceive ourselves

Lying is a pretty negative thing, but doing it with ourselves is even worse . We put a bandage over our eyes motu proprio, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Today we will discover 3 ways in which we deceive ourselves in order to put an end to them. 1. Believe that we can solve our problems alone Sure some of the following phrases sound: " I can with this alone", "I've been through worse things", "I do not want to bother anyone", "it's not really

Not having friends is bad for your health

In this era where social networks show us profiles with hundreds of friends we realize that, in reality, we are not surrounded by so many people with whom we can trust . Did you know that not having friends is bad for your health? In this article we explain why and how you can reverse the situation. Not having friends: a 21st century problem? People are not "programmed" to live in solitude. However, more and more people recognize that they do not have "real" friends beyond contacts from social networks.

Dangerous lies that we tell each other every day

Socially seem to be approved certain lies, those we call " pious . " But what happens when instead of lying to others, we lie to ourselves? These are dangerous lies considered as self-deception . Self-deceiving is much more common than it might seem at first. However, few people are aware of this fact. Lee: The lies that keep you stuck in your comfort zone For that reason, today we are going to shed light on some dangerous lies that we dedicate ourselves daily and of which we are

I want to know an intimacy without strategies or daggers

I want to know an honest intimacy and without strategies . An intimacy that does not fear, that does not exchange for love, that does not make me believe that that is to love someone. The intimacy that we establish with a partner is very important . A union that makes us feel happy, as if we were floating in the clouds. However, the beliefs we have about it cause that, when the phase of falling in love disappears, we ask ourselves: is this really love? Why does it hurt, then?

The best for the children: to continue together or to separate?

Many couples are still together because they believe that this is best for their children . However, are they really right or is it an excuse to perpetuate a dysfunctional relationship ? The welfare of children depends on the degree of happiness, balance and health that exists in the union that their parents have. Lee: 5 ways to stop toxic relationships in the family This is the first relationship that children see, it is the one they will learn from and the one that will generate many of the problems that

Tests of love to validate the strength of a relationship

During the infatuation phase, love is crazy . Everything is euphoria, desire, passion ... However, when this phase happens and we are at the door of mature love , it is important to consider certain tests of love to know if there is a future or not in the relationship. We have all "predicted" on occasion the failure or rupture of a relationship that was not ours. This is because, with the right perspective, things look much clearer . Lee: The 4 fundamental pillars of a couple However,

When talking to the couple is like talking to the wall

Communication in relationships is very important . However, more times than we think, trying to have a conversation with the couple is like talking to the wall. There is like a wall that prevents a fluid communication, where both parties can express their opinions to find a meeting point before the differences that may arise. Lee: 5 ways to make your conversations successful Why does this happen? If we love our partner so much, why do we build this barrier? The fault lies with the other

Fear of rejection isolates us from others

The fear of being disapproved, the insecurity of losing who we most want to show us how we are ... All this can lead to a deep fear of rejection. There are people who are more sensitive than others to the rejection of others. Maybe because in their childhood they lived it intensely or because they have such low self-esteem that they believe that others will always repudiate them. Read: 6 things that fear does not want you to know However, the management they make of that fear is not the

Learn to control jealousy

Jealousy is part of human nature; it is an emotional response produced by a complex psychological process in which there is fear of losing something that is possessed. In the relationships of couples can be considered as a double-edged sword. While it is one of the ways to show interest in the other, they can also be the source of many conflicts. And is that once they are installed with force, the person increases their For this reason, although they seem harmless, it is essential to learn to control them