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What do you feel when you really fall in love?

When we meet someone who makes us feel different, we begin to ask ourselves if we are falling in love. Although there are many concepts of there are certain emotional changes that allow us to know it. Sometimes we have trouble accepting it, because we have never fallen in love or because we are afraid of not being reciprocated in the same way. However, little by little we realize that it is impossible to control what we feel. Did your heart start to beat differently? Do you feel that you want

Tips to get out of a destructive relationship

Falling in love can blind us when we are in the middle of a destructive relationship. The fear of being alone or "losing" the loved one makes us endure a series of toxic behaviors on the part of our partner. In fact, we come to think that their behaviors are due to the love they have for us and that we "deserve" those humiliations or reproaches that become constant with the passing of days. The most worrisome is that we begin to feel trapped and lose the ability to make a decision that

The art of living as a couple

Sometimes, living as a couple is not something simple and is that we could even say that it is an art. A good coexistence is not the result of chance, but a somewhat more complicated process. Listen to the couple and reach a point in common about various decision-making at home, accept various manias that the other person can have, move from being independent to sharing ... Lee: Avoid damaging your relationship All this requires an openness of mind that will allow us to live as a couple in a healthy

5 conditions of good love

Are you looking for a partner? Do not you want to fall into the same mistakes of the past? Then, it is necessary that you discover some of the conditions of what we will call good love. Good love is one that can be considered healthy , because it helps you grow, mature and where both members of the relationship add up, they are never subtracted. Lee: Love, a conscious choice Having this clear, it is necessary that you are with your eyes wide open to possible candidates who can

Your children do not have to be the target of your frustrations

Your children do not deserve to download all your stress , your anxiety, your fears and the bad experiences you can experience in a day. It is easy to shout at them, get angry at them and even punish them for no reason. However, you do not realize that they are not to blame for how badly you have gone on your journey or how frustrated you feel by the differences you have with your partner, for example. Lee: 7 toxic behaviors that parents are not aware of . Nobody

Your children collect the fears you sow

We do not realize, we are not even aware of it. But, our children pick up the fears that affect us . If as a parent I am afraid of being alone and, therefore, I suffer from a strong dependence on my partner, it is very likely that my children will inherit this fear. This has its logic, because the first people with whom children relate are their parents. Lee: Take into account these tips to improve the relationship with your children Therefore, the relationship that parents maintain with

3 social skills that we should develop more

Social skills are essential to relate to others and also to feel in balance. For example, we may lack an important social skill: the ability to be assertive and this will bring us many problems and sadness if we do not solve it. Lee: Discussing only makes sense if we can reach an agreement There are 3 social skills that we will focus on today, because we believe that they are the most important and we overlook the most. Are you ready to empower them and take advantage of everything

Overcome pride and ask for forgiveness

Overcoming pride can sometimes be very difficult , since we believe that asking for forgiveness can mean lowering and losing our dignity . However, far from all this, it strengthens our relationships. Relationships, be they couples, family, work or friendship, require a great honesty to recognize when we have made a mistake. That's when we should ask for forgiveness, overcome pride and demonstrate with true repentance acts. Lee: Not because there is forgiveness, people have the right to harm you Many people ask for forgiveness, but in reality they do

Loving does not mean owning

When we fall in love, we feel that this person forms a large part of our lives and we never want to leave it. At times, this feeling can become a necessity. For this reason, you must learn, however difficult it may be, to love without feeling of ownership or possession . Sometimes, it happens that we love a person so much that we believe that we own their life wanting to dominate their actions. Sometimes we fall into the error of wanting to change their personality and way of thinking, to

Soledad accompanied: when being with you or without you does not make a difference

There is a phrase that I have always considered of great importance, although I have never delved too deeply into its meaning: "it is better to be alone than badly accompanied" . A clear reference to accompanied solitude, perhaps the most terrible of all. Lee: A dose of loneliness is necessary in our lives If not having anyone at our side causes us fear , even fear, imagine that you are in a relationship and, even so, you feel alone . This is a situation that is more common than