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"If I had known": repent of what has already happened

"If I had known, I would not have married him", "if I had known, I would not have tried so hard" ... Many are the opportunities to repent of an experienced situation. However, this causes useless suffering. Thinking about what we could have done and did not do, believing that things could have happened in another way is something that tortures us and that favors ruminant thoughts in our minds. All this brings with it a feeling of enormous guilt that translates into a multitude of problems that prevent us from

I'm happy with you, but also without you

Maybe if I tell you that I am happy with you, but also without you, you feel very little. Someone I do not consider special because I do not need it. However, the years of experience in couple relationships on which I depended, needed and also demanded this from the other person have taught me that it is not the ideal basis for a healthy love. Lee: True love does not die even after 57 years of marriage Healthy love is based on freedom, not necessity ; Healthy love does

6 mistakes that destroy family relationships

Your family nucleus must be the first source of Unfortunately, there are many families whose relationship fails in a disastrous way. This can make the family union dissipate and no one feel comfortable. To know what the reason is, the first thing you should do is understand the root of the problem. Then you can look for possible solutions. Here we will explain 6 things that can destroy family relationships without you noticing. 1. Insults and criticisms Words have weight and, although it seems that they

We are much more than our scars

Many of us carry our scars as if it were a heavy load . A weight that makes our past too present, overwhelming us, exhausting us, making anxiety present. We forget that we are not our scars or the mistakes of the past nor the guilt that we have been able to feel at the time. Lee: Forgive, release and close the past We are much more, but we do not want to admit it. For that reason, in our denial we suffer while we carry a guilt that has

Nothing will be like before

In every couple relationship there are problems , although some are more serious than others. However, every problem, every circumstance and experience will move us forward or backward. Of course, nothing will be as before, that we must have it very clear. We recommend: 5 things that you should not allow in your relationship Sometimes we deceive ourselves, thinking we can go back. However, we are always moving forward and anything that happens to us as a couple will change us . Everything will change, nothing will be what

4 reasons why your relationship is in constant crisis

Is your relationship in a constant crisis? Do not leave one to enter another? So, it is important that you ask yourself what steps you are taking and if they are in the wrong direction. Many of them will be known to you, but somehow you have been giving them without being truly conscious. Why does this happen? Read: Indicators to know if my relationship does not work Because the vast majority of the reasons why your relationship is in constant crisis are the result of beliefs that are

Why do you think you do not deserve it?

Surely many times you think you do not deserve something . That rise in work, they tell you how well dressed you are, how well you have managed to carry out that project ... All this can be due to a great lack of self-esteem , although it can also be the result of a strong distrust in yourself. Many people are not used to flattery . In fact, they feel very uncomfortable when someone points out how well they are doing something. Lee: Why do not we allow ourselves

Postures to make love in an office

Have you had sexual fantasies at your place of work? Probably your answer is affirmative. The office is one of the most attractive scenarios to make love and represents the perfect place to break the routine. The desk, the photocopier and any corner of this place are interesting to make a new as a couple. Although there is the fear of being discovered by one of the comrades or bosses, the atmosphere is ideal for an exciting moment, full of adrenaline. For this reason, if you long for it

What to do if the condom breaks?

The breaking of the condom during the sexual act is a situation that all couples can go through. Either because it is of poor quality or because it was misused, it is common for this accident to occur at some point. The problem is that immediately a feeling of concern arises, since the break can lead to the risk of and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). For this reason it is important to know how to react and what measures to take so that no major damage is triggered in any of the

Can I get pregnant during the period?

Most people know that a pregnancy is achieved by the encounter of a sperm with an egg during the of the woman.   Based on this fact, it is logical to imagine that there is no likelihood of becoming pregnant while having intercourse during menstruation.   However, although the rule is not part of the fertile period, this conclusion is wrong. There is less probability, but in no way is it impossible to happen.   In fact, in certain cases the risk increases considerably. For this reason it is important to learn