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Cuba supplies the first free lung cancer vaccine

Remember when cancer vaccines were science fiction? Well, every day is closer to materialization and the best scientists concentrate all their efforts in ending this scourge.

No matter where they come from: all countries invest part of their resources in finding treatments and cures for the

Proof of this is the discovery we are going to talk about. The first surprise is that it comes hand in hand with an agreement between EE. UU and Cuba .

The two nations agreed to share information to design the first vaccine against lung cancer. And, finally, the Cuban doctors got it.

However, it is not a preventive or curative medicine. What it does is slow down its the ailment becomes chronic, but not fatal .

Neither chemotherapy nor radiotherapy would be necessary. In this way, one of the hardest parts of cancer would be avoided. A facet that costs a lot to overcome, although it is becoming more bearable, thanks to the advances of science and associations.

The first vaccine against lung cancer is surprising

Cuba supplies the first free lung cancer vaccine

According to the project director, , the vaccine presents many novelties.

All tumors have in common a very particular structure. They contain a very pronounced molecule that affects their growth. The vaccine acts on it, so it prevents it from developing.

Vaccination will allow the quality of life of sick people to improve . Anyone who has had cancer, directly or indirectly, knows how important this is.

When the stage of the condition is very advanced, life deteriorates a lot. So much so, that there are those who decide to stop being treated.

In Cuba, nationals are already being provided . In case you are a foreigner, the issue is complicated by political issues, but it can be achieved.

The first step that must be taken is to contact Servimed to enter the health system of

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The vaccine in the world

Cuba supplies the first free lung cancer vaccine

Despite the complications involved in relations with Cuba, it is already registered in Peru and Paraguay .

For its part, Europe is testing it in various clinical trials, although they are too expensive. In addition, it lasts for 3 or 4 years. Meanwhile, Cuban doctors are looking for foreign investors to finance it.

In this sense, a window has just opened due to the change in the country’s relationship with the rest of the powers.

Einar Blanco, of (CIM), affirms that this will be easier thanks to Cuba’s new foreign investment law .

The aforementioned law allows the CIM to sign agreements with partners from other countries. Contracts can occur in any of the phases : research, production and marketing.

Also, they will have the free zone of Mariel, a huge port that will be used for the industrial development of the island.

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The first vaccine against cancer, a ray of hope

The availability of a treatment like this will mean a before and after in the lives of thousands of people .

It is not about continuing to live, but about having a decent life, with the same difficulties as other people who have a chronic illness. The difference with the lifestyle of a current cancer patient is abysmal.

Cuba supplies the first free lung cancer vaccine

On the other hand, the first vaccine against lung cancer will serve as inspiration for the rest .

Scientists can use the composition of the same and its creation process to develop similar solutions for other organs. Therefore, doctors have reacted enthusiastically to the news.

Keep in mind that it is estimated that almost

Knowing that it is the first cause of death in the world, discouragement in patients and doctors when detected is understandable. However, the vaccine against lung cancer is a breath of fresh air .

Cuba supplies the first free lung cancer vaccine