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8 signals that your kidneys give when something is wrong

The kidneys are the organs responsible for filtering the waste from the blood to remove them from the body through urine. It is estimated that they are about one fist in size and, per day, they process 190 liters of blood to eliminate up to two liters of water. On the other hand they play a very important role in the regulation of blood pressure and are responsible for producing several hormones that are fundamental for our general well-being. However, as with other parts of the body, can affect their functioning

12 very useful tricks to do with a processor

The processor is an appliance that was introduced to the market during the 1940s, with a format similar to that of the blender we know today. Since the 70s they began to be produced with a more sophisticated design and, from then on, they became one of the most used accessories in the kitchen. However, despite all the time that has been part of many homes, there are still many people who limit their use to or mix certain ingredients. What few imagine is that it is also quite useful to

People who think out loud are not crazy

"Let's see, after working you have to go to the how are you going to do it to give you time? You have to keep in mind that you have to prepare dinner for ten. Next time, either stay later or go to the supermarket the day before. Yes, going ahead is the best option. Anyway, I'll call by phone, see if I can place the order and take it as soon as it arrives. I will make better use of time. " You are engrossed in this conversation

7 reasons why you can swell your eyes

The face is one of the areas that is most impacted by personal and external factors. The inclement sun, the constant winds, the rain and other climatic factors gradually diminish in that area. In fact, our eyes are the big ones affected. The However, internal causes are the ones that generate the most problems in the area. Since we woke up, the eyes ask to be taken care of with much attention, so we must have habits that favor them. What are the discomforts in the eyes?

Why is it so good to add soy in the diet? Discover 7 reasons to eat it

Soy is a legume from the legume family. It is native to the countries of the Far East, although at present it is also well known in the West due to its high nutritional value. It is one of the most important vegetable sources of protein and, in fact, it contains up to twice as much as the food of animal origin. It has an interesting amount of essential fatty acids and antioxidant compounds that, after being ingested, provide a wide variety of health benefits. It also provides fiber, minerals

7 foods that you should not consume if they have already expired

In the search to reduce the waste of food, many that, in spite of reaching their limit date of consumption, remain in conditions apt to be ingested. However, this virtue is not applicable to all food groups and, in fact, some can be harmful when consumed after expiration. The problem is that its decomposition process is carried out more easily and, due to its nature, tend to be contaminated with various types of Because of this it is very important to start reviewing the labels before using the products and, at

7 ways to start the day right to fight stress and anxiety

Stress is part of our life. This natural emotion acts as a survival mechanism in the human being: it activates us to be able to adapt much better to those daily challenges that lie ahead. We must be able to see that stress, well managed and controlled, is positive : it acts as that energy capable of giving us strength and encouragement to solve problems, to better respond to the small adversities of day to day life. However, the problem comes when we stop managing, when tension builds up , when the brain

Myths about food that we should stop believing

Sometimes we have a somewhat wrong idea of ​​certain foods . Knowing these myths will allow you to know more about certain ingredients. So you can be clear when you hear them again that it is not true all that is said and that a large part corresponds to the rumor mill. Write them down and keep that in mind. In addition, it is important to banish the idea that there are good and bad foods : it is their composition and the habits under which we consume them that cause


Blastomycosis is an infection that occurs by inhaling a fungus that mainly affects the lungs. If it spreads it can affect the nervous system, bones and other organs. Blastomyces dermatitidis is a dimorphic fungus present in nature. That it is a dimorphic fungus implies that in its life cycle it adopts the form of yeast and mycelium: Yeast form with buds in the tissues. Micello form on the ground and wood. This type of fungus appears mostly in temperate and humid climates, near rivers or lakes and in

Great benefits of including shakes in your diet

How are you doing with the fruits and vegetables? It is clear that the body needs a purification to eliminate everyday excesses. An effective way to do it is by means of shakes. If your thing is not to eat fruits and vegetables directly, the cleansing shakes will allow you to enjoy and at the same time take advantage of the nutrients. Why should you consume them? Increase the amount of energy. They favor weight loss. Strengthen the defenses of the immune system.