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3 natural soaps that you can do at home

Natural soaps to make at home have gained popularity in the last time. These, made with extracts of herbs, essential oils and vegetable and animal fats, offer enormous health benefits. According to the ingredients used, the properties of the soaps vary. For example, some have the ability to be great stimulants, while others, on the other hand, are relaxing. Benefits of natural soaps The biggest difference between natural soaps to make at home and industrialized soaps lies in the manufacturing process. A lot of synthetic ingredients are added to

After reading this, you will not see bananas with the same eyes again

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the whole world , because their delicious flavor and their multiple properties have made it worthy to be part of the diet of most people. This fruit is characterized by being rich in carbohydrates , which makes it one of the largest sources of plant energy. It is composed of three types of sugars (fructose, sucrose and glucose), which are compensated with their minimum fat content and high Banana consumption is recommended especially in children's diet that, in many cases, requires a food that

Reasons why our stomach growls that you sure did not know

That noise we feel in our stomach when we are hungry not only happens when we want to eat, but for other reasons. While most people think that is the only answer, the truth is that there are several reasons why we growled in the stomach that you probably did not know. Learn about them in this article. Before you start, know a little more about the digestive system It is good that we learn or remember something of what we have been taught in school in relation to the stomach and

Is it bad to sleep near the mobile?

In the world in which we live, the use of the mobile phone is becoming more and more essential. This is so we do not leave it to sun or shade. We take it to every place we move and if we forget it, we feel naked. We do not turn it off at any time of the day and we sleep with him on the bedside table. This habit can be harmful to your health. Would you like to know if it is bad to sleep near the mobile? Know the

Why can it be dangerous to get tattooed?

A nice drawing on the skin may be attractive to many, but also dangerous because of its side effects that we are not always informed about. Before doing a great tattoo we should know what it is and what are the consequences for health. Normally an electric machine with disposable needles is used that injects colored ink into the lower layer of the skin, the dermis. The upper layer or epidermis loses the ink easily when producing scales after wounds, hence the inner layer is used. There the ink remains

More than 20 uses and benefits of Vaseline

Vaseline, also known as 'jelly or petroleum jelly' is a substance that is used for various purposes, mainly in the form of ointment. It is dense, odorless, generally yellowish, whitish or transparent (according to its refining process) and hydrophobic, that is, it does not dissolve in water. This substance is especially known to be the basis of many cosmetics and other perfumery and pharmaceutical products. Now, liquid petrolatum is used for the care or restoration of various objects. Below we discuss more than 20 uses and benefits of Vaseline. Surely

Learn how to clean each type of shoe

Beyond its quality, the care of the shoes is essential for them to last for several years. Do you want to know what requirements each one has according to their material? Here are some tips to clean each type of shoe. How to clean each type of shoe? 1. Leather shoes It is a very common question among those who own this type of footwear, which is distinguished by its elegance and durability. The leather shoe is one of the favorite choices of many people; It is elementary

The best and the worst foods for your teeth

Do you want to wear a smile worthy of a toothpaste commercial? Would you like your teeth to be whiter, not suffer decay or halitosis (bad breath)? Surely the reason for your oral or dental problems is due to what you eat. In the following article you will know which are the best and the worst foods for your teeth, so that you increase the intake of the first ones and avoid the second ones. To have a wonderful smile, you must learn how to prevent stains and cavities . It is

Discover the different tastes of dogs and cats in the diet

Dogs and cats offer great joys and support in the homes in which they live. Having a pet implies assuming a commitment of care, love and food in accordance with the animal's needs. Interacting daily with a pet brings multiple advantages, as they generate a positive impact on health and general well-being. Some of the most important benefits of the changes they produce in the life of a family are: They provide company. They carry self-esteem that helps them live better. By taking him out for a walk,

Why is it good not to make the bed in the morning?

Make the bed is one of the activities that most people do once we get up every morning , or at any time of the day. We consider that this activity is essential so that our a recent study published by the University of Kingston (located in London, Great Britain), says making the bed is not as good as it seems and even has negative effects on health. How do they explain this? To ensure that making the bed can be detrimental to health, the researchers revealed that the fact of perfectly placing