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6 problems that plague you when your intestinal bacteria are out of control

In the intestine inhabits a microbial community known as . Although its importance has been ignored for a long time, it is determinant both for the digestive processes and for metabolic and immune health. In a healthy organism, this group of beneficial bacteria regulate the digestive pH and, in turn, create a protective barrier against the infectious agents that make the body sick. However, due to poor eating habits, antibiotic consumption and stress, their activity can be compromised, creating an imbalance that puts health at risk. As a result,

10 reasons to eat cauliflower

o eres de los que evita este vegetal porque su sabor no te es del todo agradable? Do you like to eat or are you one of those who avoid this vegetable because its flavor is not at all pleasant? está repleta de vitaminas del grupo B (B1, B2, B3, B6 y ácido fólico), C, K y E. If your case is the second, you should know that this crucifera is full of vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6 and folic acid), C, K and E. It also provides vital minerals

10 fruits rich in potassium

Potassium is a mineral that participates in the body's electrolyte balance . It is a fundamental component of it, since it helps: The correct functioning of nerve and muscle cells. The digestion. The metabolism Maintaining the balance of the electrical and chemical processes that occur in the body. Our body receives potassium through food , and the kidneys are responsible for eliminating possible excesses. You can get potassium through: Red meat and chicken , platija y sardinas Salmon, , plaice

4 strange fruits and vegetables that you sure do not know

All specialists recommend taking five pieces of fruit a day , but the generalized response is usually: "it is very boring". The same happens with vegetables. However, this does not have to be like this. What happens is that we usually eat the same products. However, there are endless varieties that you probably do not know and that offer the same benefits as the most popular ones. The introduction of fruit in our diet means enriching our body with all kinds of vitamins, minerals and fiber and water .

How our brain improves when we stop smoking

Research or studies that affirm the effects of quitting smoking in our organism (lungs and skin especially) are usually published. However, not much is known about how our brain improves by eliminating that bad habit . Are you interested in knowing it? Then keep reading this article. The harmful effects of smoking on the brain The tobacco and all the components of the cigarette are bad for the health in general. As for the changes brought about at the brain level, the first thing we must emphasize

13 benefits of papaya leaves

The benefits of papaya are well known because, thanks to its high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes, it is an essential ingredient of a healthy diet. However, papaya leaves also have some interesting contributions to your health . Unfortunately, these properties are unknown to many, but here we list them. . Pay attention and, if you can get these sheets, include them in your . 1. Papaya leaves fight indigestion Digestive problems such as infections, stomachaches and heartburn can be eradicated with the help of papaya

7 properties of bay leaves that you did not know

The laurel is a type of plant that serves to flavor the dishes and has numerous properties. If you do not know them, pay attention to them. You will have more reasons to introduce it in your day to day. 1. Reduces anxiety Thanks to the chemical compound of the smoke produced by burning the bay leaves, it ends up having a calming effect both on the body and on the mind. However, be careful because inhaling this smoke regularly can lead to hallucinations. As long as

Food allergies and how to reduce them

Allergy is called any abnormal reaction of the body when you have a certain substance , that is, an allergen. For the rest of the people it does not represent any risk but, in the case of the allergic, the activates its defense mechanisms, causing allergy symptoms. So, what is the food allergy? It happens when the patient presents alterations when ingesting or inhaling the proteins of some foods . How is the allergy? The body's defenses are different depending on the situation: the antibodies, the cells or

5 ecological cleaning tricks to get rid of stubborn stains

One of the most difficult tasks when washing our clothes is to remove those sweat stains, dust or food residues that tend to penetrate the tissues. Some disappear with just using a good detergent, while others require additional products to eliminate them in their entirety. While there are many industrial stain removers that facilitate it, we know that these are full of that impact both the environment and health. In addition, these options tend to be too expensive and not everyone has enough money to acquire them when they need it.

8 unknown benefits of guanábana

The guanabana or graviola is a tropical fruit with a bittersweet taste that, due to its incredible nutritional properties, has become one of the most recommended foods to take care of health. The historical data tell that it was cultivated in the antiquity by several indigenous groups of America, who valued it for their nutritional and medicinal power. Today it is sown in many other places in the world and, in fact, it is an essential ingredient in the preparation of desserts, sweets, What many still do not know is that, beyond