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Customize your notebooks in a fun way

The return to school brings a lot of excitement and great expectations. And that is why, when making the purchase of school supplies, we all pay close attention to the notebooks.

The notebooks can be, on a small scale, an expression of one’s From school to university. Therefore, it is necessary that we dedicate some time to your personalization.

There are many alternatives that you will find to give your notebooks and notebooks their own identity. Everything will depend on your

Quiet! It is not necessary to be an expert in design or plastic arts to obtain attractive and quality results.

Put to work your ingenuity to capture the covers of your notebooks or notebooks more impressive and striking of your study group.

And if you dare to go further, you can even follow the trend of bullet journals (or fully customized agendas). For this it is not necessary to have the most expensive notebooks but yes, several ideas and enthusiasm. Let the artist you are inside come out!

What should you have in accounts for personalizing your notebooks?

Customize your notebooks in a fun way

If you want to create your own designs for your notebooks and notebooks, the first thing you should know is that the limit is set by you. Study your interests and tastes thoroughly.

Avoid thinking about others. The important thing, at this moment, is what you want. In this way you will achieve a satisfactory result. It would be great if you could customize your implements within a line or concept, creating a kind of collection.

Second, evaluate the conditions to which your notebooks and notebooks are or will be exposed; that is, you must determine the degree of wear to which they could be subjected, as it is of little use to create a spectacular design that is very susceptible to damage.

Third, it is very important that you combine style and durability. One concept does not exclude the other, on the contrary they complement each other. In this way you will be able to define the materials that you will use in the development of the project.

A good design is derived from the combination of style and durability.

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Customize your notebooks in a fun way

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What materials can you use to personalize your notebooks?

Customize your notebooks in a fun way

Given the variety of options that you will have when you personalize your notebooks or notebooks, there will be countless different materials that you can use. Everything will depend on your tastes and interests.

If your idea is to make some simple and current notebooks or notebooks something striking but that is economical you can use various recycling materials. Wraps of products of your liking, used gift papers, scraps of cloth and even pieces of

These materials, with some ingenuity, will give you the personality you are looking for in your notebooks and notebooks. Remember that this is a worldwide trend, so you can look at several online tutorials to see how, from these simple materials, the inspiration of many people has been applied.

You can also avail yourself of more elaborate elements or ones specially acquired for your project. Special tapes (washi-tape, for example), papers with special textures, foamy, among others.

On the other hand, you can also purchase a completely minimalist notebook (simple cover, unicolor, with blank sheets inside) to facilitate personalization from scratch.

The personalization of your notebooks and notebooks, in addition to their specialty, brings with it many advantages that could go unnoticed for you at the time of your project, but which you will undoubtedly appreciate after obtaining the results, among them are:

A proposal with advantages where you look at it, so what do you expect? Give free rein to your imagination and make your own creations. It can even serve as a form of .

Customize your notebooks in a fun way