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Dangerous lies that we tell each other every day

Socially seem to be approved certain lies, those we call ” pious . But what happens when instead of lying to others, we lie to ourselves? These are dangerous lies considered as self-deception .

Self-deceiving is much more common than it might seem at first. However, few people are aware of this fact.

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For that reason, today we are going to shed light on some dangerous lies that we dedicate ourselves daily and of which we are not at all conscious.

Surely we will be surprised how much we normalize this self-deception.

1. Tomorrow will be another day

Dangerous lies that we tell each other every day

This is one of the first dangerous lies most used, as it is almost a wild card. We can use it when we have a bad day, when we want to postpone a task or when we want to leave a habit.

Although there are other formulas such as “tomorrow I leave it” or “tomorrow I do it”, in essence, it is the same. We believe that tomorrow will be another day. A new day to start with new purposes , with greater strength and motivation.

However, that new day arrives and everything continues to be the same. Why? Because, as the saying goes, “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today” .

  • If we want to stop smoking, let’s do it now .
  • If we want to find enough motivation to go to the gym, let’s take a few minutes and let’s get going!

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In the case that we want to put a time limit to do something, it is better that this does not exceed one day. Because, if not, we will be procrastinating and procrastination can become an infinite loop.

2. I never would have imagined it!

Dangerous lies that we tell each other every day

This is another of the second dangerous lies that we tell each other daily and that cause us not to realize certain things that happen around us.

How is it possible that we did not know that our son had a deep depression and was thinking about suicide? At what point did my best friend mistreat his partner?

There is no blind person who does not want to see and so we can check it in many everyday situations. We tend to deny certain things that we do not like or do not want to accept.

This happens because we do not want the image we have of a person to be stained or because we do not want to leave our comfort zone, so we prefer to believe that everything is fine .

It’s like putting a blindfold on our eyes.

3. You have embittered me the day!

Dangerous lies that we tell each other every day

The third of the dangerous lies that we dedicate ourselves daily is too widespread. It is what we know as projecting our own problems onto others .

For example, during a heated discussion we can tell the other person that our day has soured us. However, a discussion, no matter how strong it is, does not have much power, unless we give it to you.

We are the ones who manage our own emotions . You think that another person has the power to make us feel good, bad or to make us bitter means that we are making him feel guilty about something that is our responsibility.

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Remember that the same situation repeated on two different days of the month provokes a different reaction in us. This is because our state of mind will not be the same.

If we are more stressed, we may shout, shout and get very upset if we argue with someone. On the other hand, if we are calm, we will approach the situation in a different way.

As we can see, the way in which the circumstance in which we see ourselves submerged is the same, but what this makes us feel is our responsibility .

4. The world is of light and color

The fourth and last of the dangerous lies we tell ourselves every day is what we call “false optimism.” A mask that we wear to avoid being realistic.

Being optimistic does not mean covering your eyes and not seeing the negative , the bad, the horrendous that sometimes happens in the world. Being optimistic is an attitude. However, it is impossible to be always happy, happy, happy.

If this happens, we find ourselves practicing false optimism. We are inside an unreal bubble that prevents us from discerning between good and bad.

We must always have a positive and resilient attitude . However, what we can not do is immerse ourselves in a world full of light and color that only exists in our mind. Because reality is out there and it is the one that prevails.

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Which of these dangerous lies do you tell yourself every day? Have you detected that some people in your environment are recreated in some more than others?

Being aware of all of them will allow us to move away from self-deception, make ourselves responsible for ourselves and experience life in a healthier way .

Dangerous lies that we tell each other every day