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Dare to live the life you want to tell

We are all the result of our own stories , of our triumphs and failures. We are the learning obtained from each experience and the attitude with which we write the book of our existence.

con la que hacer frente a todos esos To dare to really live the life we ​​want to tell, a bit of all these ingredients are required: courage, self-esteem, resilience and a bit of healthy madness with which to face all those

Wayne Dyer , a psychologist and one of the most self-help writers with more weight in recent years, left us an exceptional legacy in terms of those strategies with which to rewrite our lives in happiness.

For him, one of the most decisive aspects to begin to shape that existence that we really wish to have is to learn to make decisions. Something undoubtedly as complex as “scary”, sometimes.

Today in our space we want to give you adequate strategies so that you can achieve it. So you can make braver decisions with which, day by day, draw a more hopeful horizon in your life.

To live is to risk responsibly

When was the last time you took a chance on something or someone? If you do not remember it, surely, because you live a moment where, either you have everything you want and you do not already imagine life in a different way, or simply, because you have surrendered.

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Believe it or not, we all surrender in many ways that we almost do not realize:

  • We give up when we let ourselves be carried away by the decisions of others.
  • We surrender when, in spite of not being happy, we do not say that of “better bad known than good to know” , when we settle into grief and sadness out of simple fear that what has to come is even worse.
  • We give up when we choose to stop taking care of ourselves, when we prioritize others and forget that, if we are not well, we can not give the best of ourselves to those we love.

To live with integrity and happiness you have to take risks. Whether we want it or not, every day we have to make appropriate decisions with which we can draw the path that we really want for ourselves.

That tomorrow we will tell someone as “something that really was worth living.”

Take note of these suggestions.

Dare to live the life you want to tell

Worry immobilizes you: move

One of the main problems by which we do not get to live the life that we really want is because we store too many worries.

  • A concern has a purpose: to invite us to look for strategies to find a solution. If we stay still, little by little the problem will be bigger.
  • Move, dare to look for new options, experience …

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Trust that what you have in mind will work

We are all born with fears. They are a survival mechanism that allows us to better adapt to our contexts. Now, there are logical fears and limiting fears without much sense that what they achieve is to cut down on our quality of life.

  • Leave aside the fears that others want to infuse you. Do not listen to “you can not, you do not know”.
  • Trust your dreams and the assurance that, whatever you have in mind , it can work. Leave worries and fears aside and simply dare.
  • If it goes wrong, at least, you will have learned. If you know well, you will have achieved something even more positive than achieving a dream: discovering yourself what you are capable of.
Dare to live the life you want to tell

Dance with life

We are sure that you love to dance , that you love to let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of a melody to enjoy that wonderful moment that pleases you so much, that liberates you so much.

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Why do not we do the same with our lives? Actually, nobody dances to get to a specific place.

We do it to enjoy the here and now creating a magical moment where emotions and well-being allow us to be ourselves. We do not need anything else to be happy.

  • If you want to live a story that you can tell your grandchildren, build your happiness in a simple way, letting yourself be carried away by the present moment.
  • Free yourself, listen to your heart and mark the rhythm of that internal freedom that we all keep inside but that we do not always dare to express.
Dare to live the life you want to tell

It does not matter how far we get. It does not matter if we reach, for example, to have that house of our dreams or if we do not find the perfect couple.

What matters is “the trip”, is to be receptive to what surrounds us to dare to make decisions and build each day that life in which to be well , be at peace.

Dare to live the life you want to tell