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Practical tips to decorate your accessories store

Practical advice that you must not forget To finish, we want to give you some quick and simple tips that you have to take into account. Do not forget to renew the mannequins every so often. Change the store layout. By seasons or each year, you can vary the collections and accessories. Place the cash register in the right place. The ideal is to leave it at the center or at a point that does not take away much of the limelight. The objective is to sell

Do you know what the opposite of minimalism is?

The best known trend today is minimalism. It is a style that opts for simple lines, neutral colors and only the essential elements to decorate a space in particular . In short, avoid excesses of all kinds since it seeks to approach the purity of things. Because of this, the opposite of minimalism can be easily deduced. Kitsch, from the decorative point of view, gives free rein to freedom. Reason why there is a clear predominance of shapes, figures, textures, colors and, in general, exaggeration. In fact, he is not afraid

4 ways to decorate a room with minimalist style

Minimalism is one of the decorative trends best positioned today. It is about the implementation of simplicity in its maximum expression; for this, only those elements are left that show the essentials of a space, so that one can find purity and simplicity in it. Here we present some tips to decorate a room with minimalist style. As the saying goes: "less is more". The minimalist style in decoration A room with minimalist style does not necessarily have to imitate perfectly the design of a traditional Japanese room , where

4 easy crafts to decorate the home

There are many easy crafts to carry out when decorating the home. Whether you are right-handed or not (both), they offer the alternative we need to achieve our goals without much effort. Many times we are distressed when decorating spaces (or renovating them) because we believe that we should invest a considerable budget in this. However we can resort to many simple materials, whose versatility allows us to give different uses. The usefulness of things is in the eye of the one who perceives them. It's all about having a little

Make your own decorative pillows

To renew some spaces in the home, no major changes are necessary. In fact, a very easy way to change the environment, is simply to give a new air to the cushions. How? Very easy, with a touch of ingenuity and a couple of materials. The good thing about cushions is that they are pieces that can be easily modified, in a few steps and materials. Especially, if it is one-color cushions. The basic materials for renovations are usually the following: Thread. Sewing needle. Silicone

Learn to customize your glasses

Often, we accumulate different types of glass containers that, taken together, are too simple and boring. Then you open your cupboard and you notice that you have too many glasses. There are those that a relative gave you, the glasses of daily use, the glasses of the celebrations, the glasses of the children, etcetera. Surely you would like them to be more showy, so we suggest you learn to customize your glasses. The idea is to take advantage of the "white" glass surface and decorate it to our liking. We can give

Homemade makeup organizers

Everyone who likes makeup is essential to have all their products well organized and in view to take advantage of them. On the other hand, the makeup organizers allow you to save time when preparing before going out. Although it may seem very simple and unimportant, the truth is that its absence is noticeable. When we must arrive on time for an appointment and we do not finish making up because we can not find the lipstick we are looking for, or the mascara, the situation becomes a nightmare. Nor is it

What should you know about glitter?

The ' glitter ' in Spain is known as 'purpurina' and in other Spanish-speaking countries it is called 'brillantina' or 'escharcha'. It is an unmistakable element that is widely used both to embellish personal accessories and decorative objects. As the name implies, not only brings color, but brightness and brightness. When applied, the result is exuberant, cheerful and, above all, flirtatious. Glitter is a set of iridescent particles that, in short, are microplastics painted with various chemical products (iron oxides) and then cut into tiny pieces. Obviously, the color of each glitter

The grunge decoration: style and modernity

The grunge movement of the decade of the 80s and 90s has managed to inspire many people since its appearance. This consisted in the rejection of the packaged or artificial, and a search for an order of priorities other than commercial , which gave too much prominence to the image. In the beginning, he opposed the ostentatious and, in general, the appearance they wore was rather disheveled and informal , since they did not want to give importance to the material. Authenticity was what really interested this movement. Although grunge managed to

The best tricks to decorate the living room

parlor en América y sitting room en el Reino Unido), es un espacio un poco más pequeño que un salón o living room. A living room ( parlor in America and sitting room in the United Kingdom), is a space a little smaller than a living room or living room. Therefore, it is usually used to carry out short-term activities, such as talking, and receiving brief visits. However, it is also a space that can be reserved for privacy. It should be noted that, over time, the term parlor was replaced by ' drawing