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Delicious homemade vanilla

Vanillas also called “biscuits to cuillere” have such because is elaborated with a spoon “cuillere”; the spoon was filled with the mixture and spread with the characteristic shape that this sweet preserves today.

When they come to mind, memories of childhood appear … the grandmother’s snacks with the vanilla dipped in hot chocolate. Do you want to remember old times? Well, nothing better than making your own homemade vanilla. They have nothing to do with those sold in supermarkets !.

Recipe of homemade vanilla


Note: with this amount you have about 25 vanilla.

Delicious homemade vanilla


  • A whisk of manual rods or a blender with rods
  • 2 bowls
  • A pastry bag (better if it is disposable)
  • Butter paper or a Silpat
  • A coffee grinder
  • Oven


Data of interest:

Delicious homemade vanilla

Delicious homemade vanilla