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The spinach pie, delicious and nutritious

We are often in search of recipes that combine the nutritional value of food and that are quite pleasant to our palate. That's why this time we present the recipe for the spinach cake, a smart way to take advantage of the enormous nutritional value of this food. Serve it for lunch or dinner with your family, or when your friends are visiting, and surprise them with this worthy example of what is called good eating . Spinach is a vegetable very rich in vitamins, among which include vitamin A, vitamin K, as

Recipes to prepare a delicious orange flan

Did you know that you can prepare a delicious orange flan in various ways? Yes, and it's very simple. You will not need many ingredients and you can play with the implements that you have in the kitchen. The steps to follow, in themselves, are very easy so there is no excuse for not giving you the opportunity to prepare this rich sweet that will please more than one palate. With these guidelines that we will show you next, you will be able to give life to your delicious orange flan in a

3 Delicious recipes with chocolate

Chocolate is probably one of your favorite sweets, but eating it will generate a sense of guilt that you can not avoid due to everything that has been said against this food. The truth is that studies have determined that this food has many health benefits, obviously if consumed moderately and in recommended doses according to the nutritional status of each person. For example, those people who suffer from overweight, But those people who have an average ideal weight, take a balanced diet and perform , they can eat it every day

Prepare a delicious Santiago cake at home

In the north of Spain, specifically in basically consists of 25% eggs and 50% almonds. Although it can be enjoyed in many pastry shops, pastries and traditional food, in the hostels that receive the pilgrims who make the Camino de Santiago, it is prepared with a very special touch. Therefore, all recipes try to match or exceed that flavor. Reason why, some even choose to add a few drops of sweet wine, brandy or orujo liquor to the preparation. Go ahead and make your own version and enjoy the delicious

How to make chocolate coulant

Nothing more delicious than enjoying this recipe on a Sunday morning to have something delicious to enjoy today at home. However, remember that the ideal is to consume it in the morning or in the afternoon, which is where we can "burn" more easily what we have eaten. Enjoy the recipe and do not miss the opportunity to prepare something delicious at home. Chocolate Coulant Recipe Ingredients 115gr of chocolate fondant (or dessert) 75gr of butter 75gr of sugar 75 gr flour

Sugar-free desserts that you should try

There is a great variety of sugar-free desserts that are worth trying, for that reason, we present you a very varied selection so that you decide to try one yourself (although surely you fancy some more) . And it is not necessary to put the excuse that we are 'dieting' to enjoy foods equally delicious but much healthier and nutritious. Remember that desserts without sugar can be as tasty as any other. In fact, there are cases in which you do not even notice the difference. Many times we slow down when we

Two recipes to prepare a passion fruit dessert

Passion fruit is also known as passion fruit or passion fruit. This fruit of tropical origin has many nutritional and medicinal properties. At the time of cooking, both its seeds and pulp can be used , and it is widely used in desserts and juices. Among some of its good properties, it has large amounts of vitamins A and C. To better know how to use it, we present easy-to-make recipes for a passion fruit dessert. Passion fruit with cookies This simple dish can be perfect for the dessert of

Recipes of original and nutritious homemade cookies

Do you like sweet cookies? Are you interested in incorporating healthy foods into your diet? What better, then, than to prepare your own cookies? Do not miss the recipes of these delicious and nutritious cookies. They are very easy to prepare and are ideal to serve at breakfast , at snack, at tea time or as a dessert. They are also very good for children, as they lack artificial chemicals such as flavoring, coloring, etc. Get to work and delight your family and friends with these delicious homemade cookies!

6 desserts to share as a family

There are many desserts that we could recommend to entertain your family moments. However, today we will focus only on 6: 1. Cookie cake, flan and chocolate Ingredients 2 sachets of custard preparation 4 cups of milk (1 liter) 2 cookies Chocolate fondant (to taste) Nata (to taste) Coffee liqueur (to taste) Preparation First, prepare the flan according to the manufacturer's instructions. Next, dip the cookies in the milk with the coffee liqueur. Next,

Homemade banana ice cream recipe: delicious and healthy

Following healthy eating habits does not have to become a kind of torture. It is a common mistake to assume that a healthy diet lacks rich foods and desserts that can delight our palate. Because we believe that it is possible to eat in a rich and healthy way, in Better health we bring you advice and that's why, in this opportunity, we bring you the recipe for homemade banana ice cream . Find how to prepare it next. It is a very easy dessert to prepare, you can do