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Did you know that excessive hygiene is harmful to health?

Having good hygiene habits is essential to maintain health, in addition a person who does not worry about their physical appearance and personal hygiene is very bad seen by society in general. But keep in mind that you should not fall into the error of exaggerating in this practice.

The excess of cleaning makes the immune system does not work as it should be, since it is reinforced when it has to work to fight the bacteria that are in the environment and that intend to attack us. When we clean too often unfortunately the opposite happens and it weakens and we are at the mercy of many microorganisms that appear in any place and time, that is, we are exposing ourselves to being attacked by another class of bacteria that our immune system does not know about. This way it will be very easy to invade our organism causing asthma, dermatitis or rhinitis, among others.

It is so much so that a baby who is not even allowed to touch the ground and who is kept in an exaggeratedly clean environment, is sure to grow up with an immune system that is too weak and will never have the necessary resistance to fight diseases, Even something as simple as a cold can be. On the contrary, instead of protecting him, he is exposing himself to the fact that throughout his life he suffers from diseases that are much more complex, serious and worse, chronic.

Another disadvantage that occurs with the inadequate practice of cleaning, is to get the bacteria to get used to the products that are used regularly and every time we will have to resort to new products much stronger and annoying for those around them .

What parts are usually affected by excessive cleaning?

Did you know that excessive hygiene is harmful to health?

The parts of the body that can suffer the most with these inadequate ways of assuming cleanliness are the skin and the respiratory system , especially in younger children, who during their first year of life should only bathe once a day, using only water , since soap parches the skin by eliminating natural fat, whose main objective is to serve as a defense system. If, in any case, you insist on using a soap for the babies’ bath, you should prefer a very soft one , neutral and not very often. A very simple way to maintain healthy skin is to moisturize and prevent it from being wet, keeping in mind this recommendation is much healthier than bathing several times a day.


From the above we can conclude that we should not exaggerate with cleanliness both personally and the environment in which we live, either at home or at work. It is not necessary to make these cleaning habits somewhat obsessive, since there is a risk that the opposite effect will occur to the one we are looking for, which of course is to maintain good health. Do not forget!

Did you know that excessive hygiene is harmful to health?